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Edgar Award–winning mystery novelist R. D. Rosen tells the story of the hidden children who survived the Holocaust through the lives of three girls hidden in three different countries—among the less than 10 percent of Jewish children in Europe to survive World War II—who went on to lead remarkable lives in New York City

Only one in ten Jewish children in Europe survived the Holocaust, many in hiding. In Such Good Girls, R. D. Rosen tells the story of these survivors through the true experiences of three girls.

Sophie Turner-Zaretsky, who spent the war years believing she was an anti-Semitic Catholic schoolgirl, eventually became an esteemed radiation oncologist. Flora Hogman, protected by a succession of Christians, emerged from the war a lonely, lost orphan, but became a psychologist who pioneered the study of hidden child survivors. Unlike Anne Frank, Carla Lessing made it through the war concealed with her family in the home of Dutch strangers before becoming a psychotherapist and key player in the creation of an international organization of hidden child survivors.

In braiding the stories of three women who defied death by learning to be “such good girls,” Rosen examines a silent and silenced generation—the last living cohort of Holocaust survivors. He provides rich, memorable portraits of a handful of hunted children who, as adults, were determined to deny Hitler any more victories, and he recreates the extraordinary event that lured so many hidden child survivors out of their grown-up “hiding places” and finally brought them together.

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007 mystery ,

Hidden survivors

When I was young I met this very attractive women. She told me sadly she wasn't sure of her age as she wasn't sure how old she was when she was hidden as a baby in Poland.

I didn't think about what it all meant . This book points out with several examples of what the Jewish hidden children is about and the ramifications of it all.
This holocaust reader highly recommends this book.

Florence, SC ,


I am neither a descendant of someone who survived the Holocaust nor am I Jewish. BUT, this book helped me understand more about myself than I I can say. It is beautifully written and does a fabulous job explaining how to survive with grace. Tennessee Williams said that (and I may be paraphrasing unintentionally), "..., high station in life is earned by the gallantry with which appalling experiences are survived with grace." These children have earned high station. Thank you for honoring them. We must never forget.

Stwiesen ,

Such good girls

A must read! I learned a lot about how the world
Saw the the genocide of Jews and others, and how the survivors saw themselves.

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