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Intriguing historical fiction novel of Biblical and Roman times developed from a prize-winning story.
A Powerful blending of stories of seekers from different walks of life, who might have lived then, showing the stark contrast between earthly kingdoms of that time and the Kingdom of God.
(This is the revised version of Part I only, and so ends with the insurrection. It does not contain Part II, which leads up to the crucifixion, or Part III, which covers the early church.)

Step back into New Testament times--to Ancient Jerusalem at the time of Christ and of the historical Roman Empire, and ask: What could a cynical, non-conformist dry-goods salesman, a disgruntled blacksmith, and a musing mendicant all have in common? The answer: Down deep, they all seek something better. But will they find the true fulfillment they are seeking? The non-conformist, Manaheem, Herod's foster brother, is hired by Herod to foment an insurrection against Pontius Pilate, whom he distrusts. Manaheem recruits the blacksmith, Barabbas, to be the insurrection leader, to the dismay of Barabbas' Godly but fearful wife (when he finally tells her). The mendicant, an unfortunate but pensive young man named Timotheus, joins with an older beggar completely unsympathetic to his musings. Pontius Pilate sees himself as a weak ruler, but his wife pushes him to be stronger and to even take over Herod's territory. Manaheem re-unites with his former wife, Claressa. In need of more money, he tries to blackmail Herod over his illicit affair With Herodius, his brother’s wife, but, Herod decides to marry Herodius and send his present wife back to her father. John the Baptist preaches to Herod and loses his head. Herod's palace is attacked, and suspecting Pilate, he tells Manaheem to go ahead with the mission. Barabbas is successful in forming a group of insurrectionists and they rehearse for the big day.
But will the insurrection succeed, and, if so at what cost? And how will it affect Pilate's attitude and that of his wife? Download the book now to find out.
“Mr. Becher takes you through a wide range of emotions from beginning to end.... This is a great novel that I’m sure you will enjoy” ----Rudelle Thomas (Divine Eloquence)

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January 15
James M. Becher
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