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Did you enjoy PART I and PART II of this historical fiction novel of Biblical and Roman times?

This book is the 3rd volume of the 3 part series, Of Such Is The Kingdom, A Novel of Biblical Times, and thus, the sequel to PART II.

It employs those characters who were still alive at the end of Part II and adds some new ones.

Will Claressa embrace Manaheem's new-found faith? What will happen to the bereaved family of Benjamin? Will Joseph, the oldest son get to go to Rabbi school? Will Barabbas continue to follow the master and will his wife and children join him? Will Pontius Pilate become the strong ruler his wife wants him to be, and will he be able to forget about his decision to crucify Jesus? These and other questions are answered in this volume. The new characters added include Saul, who becomes Paul, Herod Agrippa, the nephew of Herod Antipas, who wants to take over the latter's territory, and Caligula, the crazy son of Emperor Tiberius and friend of Agrippa.

Follow the travels of Manaheem as he tries to convert the two Herods. Follow the machinations of Herod Agrippa in his aim to take over his uncle's territory. Follow the foibles of Pilate as he seeks to become a stronger ruler, while still regretting his decision to crucify Jesus. Follow the new life of Barabbas and his family. Follow the lives of Benjamin's family as they cope and deal with their loss and the now seeming impossibility of Joseph's schooling. But mainly follow the early church. Will it grow and flourish in spite of persecution? To find the answers to these and other questions, buy the book 

"Mr. Becher takes you through a wide range of emotions from beginning to end.... This is a great novel that I'm sure you will enjoy" ----Rudelle Thomas (Divine Eloquence)

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January 18
James M. Becher
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