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Newly appointed vampire governor of New Jersey, Belladonna Barrone is fast discovering that life as a vampire isn’t much easier than life as a mobster’s wife. But that experience certainly taught her some things about how to handle the problems that come with being governor. That is until a friend is kidnapped by the fae and his life put in danger, all because of her actions.

Figuring out how to save him feels very much above her paygrade, but she’s the boss and the decision about how to handle this potentially deadly situation is completely up to her. With the clock ticking, she has no choice but to attempt a rescue.

Thankfully, she has the help of her team and some impressive new friends. But going to battle with the fae has painfully real consequences and the outcome of their mission leaves them all reeling. While dealing with the fallout from the fight, Donna once again becomes the target of a jealous vampire rival, which puts her future in question. Somehow, she has to find the strength to keep going and overcome these new attacks.

But there’s only so much a woman can handle. Or is there? With new resolve, Donna knows her only option is to fight back. Who else is going to protect her family and friends? She’s never been one to run from her problems.

Even when her problems feel like a supernatural sucker punch.

Fiction & Literature
November 6
Sugar Skull Books
Kristen Brunori

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Pokie1311 ,

Sucker Punch

This series gets better with each story. Kristen Painter writes wonderful stories that make you laugh and cheer on the characters.

ReadingOverTV2 ,

Sucker Punch by Kristen Painter

Sucker Punch by Kristen Painter

3rd book in the First Fangs Club. Paranormal women’s fiction. Best read as part of the series.
Donna was turned into a vampire just a short two weeks ago. Already she’s the Governor of New Jersey and leading a raid on the fae in Central Park. With an entourage of witches, wolves, reapers, a gargoyle and more, Donna and her newly created team set out to rescue Rico and destroy the fae that kidnapped him.

Entertaining. A vampire that values loyalty and friendship. She experiences her first kill with intent and isn’t sure how to deal with that. Surprising twists with her sister nun, tells Donna to put it aside in the moment of battle and remember the mission is to rescue Rico.
I enjoyed the changes and enrichment of the sister’s role.
Low to mid range vampire story on the horror scale. Not all sweetness and humor, but more professional business mom taking care of what’s needed.

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