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PMS can be a real witch.

Ivie McKie isn’t your run-of-the-mill kindergarten teacher.  After an encounter with a horny goat, Ivie has a confrontation with her lying, cheating fiancé. She is shocked when the big jerk suddenly transforms into a skunk—the black and white furry variety.

Enlisting the help of her shopaholic friend Chloe and sexy club magician Jackson Blake, Ivie is forced to play a literal game of cat and mouse as she races against the clock to change her ex back before she’s arrested for his murder.

With every new spell comes a fresh wave of sexual desire, drawing Jack further into Ivie’s troubles—her panties, the car, the kitchen, and assorted seedy bathrooms along the way.

Ivie soon discovers what every witch worth her spell book knows: There’s nothing worse than a bad case of Post Magical Syndrome.

December 16
Red Adept Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

gnarlyis3 ,

light, lively, fun

Overall it is exactly as described. Our heroine, who isn't bad looking but not what she thinks of as good looking is something of a doormat in a relationship where she considers herself comfortable and happy. The catch is that although she's about to be married to him, her fiancé comes home from out of the blue and asks for his ring back so he can elope with his new fiancé. Later Ivie (our main character) learns that he's been taking long lunches with his secretary too. The rest of the story concerns the fact that she has control issues with both her emotions and how it affects her newfound magic.

What I liked about this book was that the plot line was both cute and that its progression was believable.The emotional buildup to the explosion leading to the witchy outburst was enough to make it seem understandable. Ivie's anger and frustration at her kind-of ex (she never gave the ring back) are completely understandable and reliable. The supporting characters, the best friend (Chloe) and the new love interest (Jack) are fun, fallible, reliable, and understandable. Finally the action continued throughout the book so that I was drawn through it without getting board or feeling like I've seen the plot before and don't need to read further to know the rest of the book.

There are 2 reasons why I couldn't give this book 5 stars. First, all the non-stop sex. If I wanted to read girl-porn there are books I would have chosen before this one. Even before she tuns witchy Ivie starts turning into a nymphomanic but is later told that it is due to spell casting power consumption. Second, Ivie's mother is so ditzie throughout the book that it would seem she has some dementia issues (WARNING! Spoiler alert!) then right at the end she turns into the equivalent of a top CEO of a major business concern.

I kind-of think the story was wrapped up a little to conveniently at the end but the journey getting there was a lot of fun.

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