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Most people residing in the developed world are living in illusion and ignorance in respect to the cause of obesity and its attendant diseases and discomforts. We have been wrongly educated that fatty foods are the cause of this dreaded diseases and so they fight it with exercise, more drugs, and all sorts of mind techniques but to no avail. In the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and a huge chunk of Europe, more and more people are getting overweight by the day and, as well, diabetes is killing young and old more frequently. Children are suffering because of these and similar diseases and yet the world wages the wrong war on them. Pity!

New understanding shows that it is the flour-based and carbohydrate-filled diet that these people consume on a daily basis that is the actual cause of getting overweight and suffering from type 2 diabetes. Simple sugars – or fructose – is the number onedigested food that is being converted into unwanted fat and stored in the body. So instead of releasing energy, the excess sugar in our blood stream is converted into fat and reserved; but since we don’t use them, anyway, the brain craves for more, the hormones get into hyper drive, and more flour-laden foods and carbohydrates are consumed to satisfy the longing. And then the cycle continues again until the situation gets alarming.

This, and many more are the truths this book reveals. It would open your eyes to the true cause of obesity and diabetes – as well as other related diseases; it would teach you how sugars are broken down in the body; it would also show you how to apply a 10-day sugar-addiction detox program to combat this scourge.

Also in this all-important book are loads of recommendations on what to eat to avoid relapsing into sugar-addiction; and in its stead, eat healthy and increase energy intake, storage, and output. It’s a revolutionary book that would change your life and give you full vitality to fulfill your dreams and become more productive for the society.

Health, Mind & Body
February 6
Victoria Alexander
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