Sugar-Free Religion Sugar-Free Religion

Sugar-Free Religion

Trimming the Fluff from a Fragmented Faith

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Sugar-Free Religion is part biographical, part religious instruction and part just a fun read. Denny believed we are called to be Christian change agents. As such, he believed we must be willing to relate not only to the beautiful people of this world, but to the not so beautiful, as well. We are called to give hope to the hopeless, and love to the unlovely. That is what Jesus did, and that is what he calls us to do. In short, the whole Gospel is not about following the right rules. It is about following Jesus and loving your neighbor. It is not about believing the right stuff; it is about personal life-changing relationships. Relational Theology was Dennys entire ministry. It is what he taught and how he lived. So if you really want to expand your consciousness and find your true authentic self, then why not try looking at every person you meet as a special gift from God? Every stranger is a wonderful opportunity for you to experience new joy, self-fulfillment and self-discovery. So reach out and touch someone! Comfort a friend who is hurting. Give hugs to everyone. Be kind to a lonely child. Visit the aged in nursing homes. Take flowers to someone who is sick. Bring cheer to someone who is dying. Give comfort to someone in grief. Gladly give yourself away. That is how you find your life, by losing it!

Most of the stories and examples in the book come from first-hand experience. From Wilmington to Burlington and from Laurinburg to Oxford, he became a part of the lives of the parishioners he was sent to serve. So get ready to have your heart strangely warmed as you read the pages of his book. He will knock the sugar coating, the marshmallow fluffiness and even the sugar sprinkles from your faith. Open your heart and your mind for a new experience. Dont worry if a few things fall to the wayside. Thats OK, because from there you can begin to build your own bright, shiny faith---free of the stickiness. Experience now the joy of living a life without the ick. ---Judy Wise

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June 27
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