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Meet up again with the couples from the first three Scottish Werebears books in this feel-good Christmas special. This anthology contains three short stories written from the perspective of various previous and new characters as they celebrate the holidays together. PLEASE NOTE THIS BOOK CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR PREVIOUS STORIES IN THE SERIES.

Clarice is organizing the perfect Christmas party and everyone’s invited to spend the holidays at McMillan farm with her and Derek. But something feels wrong and she can’t put her finger on what it could be. Meanwhile, Derek is only going along with Clarice’s plan because he wants to make her happy, but the McMillan brothers haven’t celebrated Christmas ever since the death of their parents fifteen years ago. Perhaps it’s time to leave the past behind and start a new family tradition?

Alliance members Aidan, Heidi, and Jamie are travelling to McMillan farm for Christmas along with Jamie’s mate, Alison. When they realize their colleague Kyle is going to be left on his own over the holidays, they convince him to tag along at the last minute. He grudgingly accepts the invite, but soon changes his tune when after their arrival he is introduced to Lily, Clarice’s best friend, who just happens to be the unnamed woman he had spent a single night with months earlier…

Heidi feels like the odd one out. In a mixed company of humans and bears, she’s the only wolf and also the only one who has never actually celebrated Christmas before. Can she let go of her reservations and get into the swing of things?

This collection of short stories is best enjoyed after reading the first three books in the Scottish Werebears series.

October 18
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Book Nook Nuts ,

Three short holiday stories

This is a short but sweetly hot holiday celebration bringing members of the Alliance together. Derek is determined to allow his mate Clarice to have a holiday she is wanting although he is uneasy with so many on the farm. Kyle has decided to tag along instead of spending his holidays at the Alliances headquarters doing computer work and he will see that it was a great decision. The Alliance men are Bears but each have found a mate outside their own creature. Aiden has a wolf shifter mate Heidi, Derek has a human Clarice and now we get Kyle who will finally find his mate? If Lily is his mate she is human also.

We get three small stories regarding each of these couples. I found it to be sweet and well written. I enjoyed all of them.

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