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* Our summary is short, simple and pragmatic. It allows you to have the essential ideas of a big book in less than 30 minutes.

*By reading this summary, you will discover why being an expert in politics does not allow you to make more reliable forecasts than the average person.

*You will also learn : that the analysis of 30,000 forecasts has determined the real value of political predictions; that the forecasts of its experts have been put in competition with each other and compared to the forecasts made by algorithms; that opposing political speeches does not make democracy work; that experts remain indispensable despite their inability to make reliable forecasts; that the work, contrary to its ambition, has fed a whole populist and anti-elite current.

* »Expert Political Judgment" (EPJ) revolutionized Anglo-Saxon political science. For the first time, a rather arid "a priori" academic work fascinated the general public and immediately found its readers. Its author, Philip E. Tetlock, a psychologist by training and a specialist in political and organizational sciences, currently teaches at the University of Pennsylvania. EPJ has often been crudely reduced to the idea that experts, especially political experts, are as ignorant as others, and that their predictions are no more reliable than "darts thrown at random at a target by chimpanzees". This idea, although caricatured, is widespread, especially since it is all that the press has picked up on it. With this revolutionary book, he advocates applying to political decision-making the method that presided over the writing of the book, based on forecasting tournaments. Will EPJ be at the origin of the next democratic revolution?

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December 14
Shortcut Edition
Remi Alard

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