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The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google by Scott Galloway | Book Summary | Readtrepreneur
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Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google are without any shadow of a doubt, the most influential companies on the world. How did they get there? If the answer was so evident, all of us would be at the top with them. The Four goes in deep to uncover the secret DNA of the 4 most influential companies in the world; Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google. There are many questions that most people think that they know the answers to, but they are clearly wrong. How did these companies manage to be so incredibly known? Why are these companies on the peak without any challengers? Could they have a potential challenger? Scott Galloway delivers a great title where he answers these questions and more.
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"Expect that a certain amount of failure is out of your control, and recognize you may need to endure it or move on." – Scott Galloway

One of the most respected business professors is here to give you a masterclass about the strategies that the Four used to get so high and how can one emulate it for his life projects. There is definitely a lot of ground to cover in this topic and Scott Galloway does it splendidly for anyone to follow and be entertained while doing so. Scott Galloway stresses that it doesn't matter if you want to join 'em or beat 'em, you need to understand the Four because they are the ones who are currently dominating the business world.

P.S. The Four is an extremely helpful book that will help you comprehend the business world you currently live in and teach you the ropes on how the best ones are at the top so you can begin your journey to the top as well.

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