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I’ve been on the move for years, searching for my one big break. Sucks that when I’m finally handed the key to success, it turns out to be Katherine D'Arcy. Yeah, sure, she’s hot as hell. But the last thing I need is some virginal summer girl screwing with my head.

I came to remote Little Bear Island to escape the confines of her uptight, country-club world. I'm sure as hell not going back. Still, I can't stop thinking about her…sexy, dark brown eyes…luscious curves… Does she hide her body under those oxfords and ridiculous cardigans just to torment me?

In just one summer, Katherine has become my everything. If only there weren’t that one inconvenient truth I've been keeping from her... Because when she learns what I’ve been hiding,
I just might lose it all.

Read Summer Girl, the new adult college romance readers are raving about!

August 8
Entangled Publishing, LLC

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RomanceNovelGiveaways ,

If you like NA romance, you will LOVE this book!

If you like NA romance, you will LOVE this book!

New Adult romance usually isn't my first choice. But holy cow, I was SUCKED IN to this book. Couldn't put it down! The story moved at a perfect pace, and A.S. Did a fantastic job of keeping me sucked in by dropping little hints about a huge mystery that I couldn't wait to see solved!

I loved Katherine. Her inner monologues gave me some good chuckles, and I enjoyed watching her grow as a person throughout the book.

And Bennet. Oh my gosh. You WILL dump your current book boyfriend for Bennet. Thoughtful, wise, tough yet sensitive. And HOT. Let's not forget that attribute!

I was almost in tears at a couple parts, and again, the suspense of finding out about the mystery and how everything would turn out in the end made this story absolutely enthralling.

I thought the final scene could have had a little more of a "POW!" moment, but I have absolutely zero complaints about this book! A.S. Is incredibly talented, and I can't wait to read more of her books!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

Laura__F ,

Loved it!

Sometimes, it only takes one summer to change your life…

Katherine is obsessed with order and planning. She’s determined to finish college and go on to law school. All of this, along with her summer internship, will bring her and her best friend Andrew together, where they belong. Until she finds out that her mother spent almost ten thousand dollars of her college money. Her friend, Macie, convinces her to take a summer job on an island taking care of the lighthouse. The pay is more than she needs to finish her last year of school. Katherine takes the job as the new Summer Girl so she can get her life back on track.
Bennet left his affluent family to follow his dream of being a musician. His journey brought him to Little Bear Island, working as a ferry driver to make ends meet. He isn’t interested in getting to know the new Summer Girl. He’s only driving the ferry to fill in for a sick member of the crew and then he’s off to Nashville or LA or somewhere where music can be his main focus. He knows that Katherine is destined for the country club at their first meeting and he already left the life behind.

This story was slow to start but once Katherine got the island, I was pulled in and couldn’t stop reading. Katherine’s OCD and super planning was pretty funny. A little time away from Andrew and Katherine became her own person and realized she needs to set her own path. Bennet is thoughtful and sensitive but also willing to give Katherine the push to realize that she needs to have her own dreams. He gave her the space to find out who she is. There were parts of this story that brought me to tears and some that had me laughing out loud. This was my first book by this author but it definitely won’t be the last.

*I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*

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