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Carmen’s smart ass mouth might have gotten her into trouble too many times. The Elders call a meeting and Carmen fears it’s all because of her. To her relief, they call for a volunteer to go supervise the new witches down south. She needs to get away from her old coven and prays to the goddess above that the new coven will accept her as a permanent member. She wants to make a good impression with the new witches and hopes she can make a new home in Austin, Nevada. But when she imprints with a wolf and he wants to complete the bond, Carmen balks at the idea of a wolf witch couple. She can't make a good impression on the new coven if she's stuck with a wolf.Aiden has always been an easy-going kind of wolf. That is until he imprints with a witch who doesn't want him. He needs to find a way to convince Carmen to complete the bond or lose his wolf forever. On his way back to make her see reason, Carmen is taken by a Devil Hunter. With so much at stake Aiden must find a way to keep his normally calm personality or risk losing everything.

***This book does standalone, but they're better when read in order.***

July 28
McKayla Schutt
Draft2Digital, LLC

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kirchersmiles ,

Loved it!!

Summer Solstice (Legend Series Book 4) by McKayla Schutt

5 Stars

Even though this is book 4 of this series, it can be read as a standalone as that is what I did since this is my first book by this author. It won't however be my last. I am very much looking forward to reading the first 3 in this series and then book 5. I really enjoyed this book, would have loved if it was longer because I didn't want it to end. It had a quick flow and the characters were great!

Carmen is scared that the meeting called by the elders is not going to play out well for her. She can't seem to stay out of trouble and has had her powers taken away in the past. To her relief the meeting is to ask for a volunteer to travel south to help a new coven of witches get set up and to make sure they adhere to the rules for the summer solstice. Carmen volunteers and hopes this will be the answer she is looking for. She wants to leave her coven and start new and maybe this is just the break she needs.

Aiden, a werewolf shares second in command with one of his best friends, the other best friend being the leader. He is sent out to bring in a visiting witch and keep him or her safe till reaching the leader's home. As soon as he meets the feisty Carmen and touches her the imprinting is immediate and he must complete the bond within 3 days or risk losing his wolf forever. Although she is drawn to Aiden, Carmen just needs to meet the new coven and try to find a way to become a part of them and doesn't need this imprinting business to get in her way.

Once she is safely at the leader's home and talking to her mom on the phone she is abducted by a hunter who believes she is sent from the devil to harm all humans. Once Aiden realizes his mate has been taken he heads out with his pack to find her. Can he get to her in time and if so can he convince her to complete the bonding so that his wolf is safe? Can Carmen find a new home within the new coven or will she have to return home and remain unhappy?

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