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Heiress Anna Wynn is hiding a secret – a secret that has blighted half her life and forced her to become an unfulfilled over-achiever. Even preparing for her wealthy family’s summer break in their idyllic New Zealand holiday house, Anna has to be all business and is strung tight as piano wire. Finding her bedroom appropriated by an over-muscled, overbearing, testosterone-soaked tower of annoyance is the final straw.
Dragged up under the callused thumb of his dirt-poor father, Jason Jones regrets his choice of security over his dream. His ambition to work as a freelance photographer has been ruthlessly suppressed in favour of setting up his own construction company. He has a pre-Christmas deadline looming on the current project, and the last thing he needs is constant surveillance by the owner’s sharp-tongued daughter – or the lure of her hot body and big blue eyes.
Forced to endure each others' company in the small-town beach house, mutual frustration and undeniable chemistry pull Anna and Jason together for a few stolen days. Enemies become lovers – but how long before secrets are revealed that will change everything?
HARD TO REGRET is the first in Kris Pearson’s new Scarlet Bay series of sexy, funny and heart-warming romance novels and is intended for mature readers.

November 4
Kris Pearson
Smashwords, Inc.

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Jen G F ,

Hard to Regret by Kris Pearson

ARC copy for honest review with no compensation.

Jason, a sexy, handsome, humble man, from the wrong side of the tracks and Annalise (Anna) a beautiful, strong independent woman from the right side of the tracks (wealth, high society) who have a hot romance that develops quickly with oh so HOT nights….. and as they say….opposites do attract ! !

He is the contractor building her family’s summer home and she is there to go through all the furnishings of the old house before it’s demolished and decide what to keep for the new home and what is of no value.

They both have traumatic past from their teens and both have closed off from opening their hearts to find love with that special someone, but the universe has other thoughts and throws them together in the hopes that they open up and realize that when you speak about the past it no longer seems like a heavy burden.

So much happens in the course of a few days but will these two find their HEA together and resolve the issues from the past in order to move forward or will they be destined to be opposites that go their separate ways? …….

North of Disneyland ,

Hard to Regret by Kris Pearson

This was a wonderful book that told you the story of the judge's daughter and a rough builder. Frosty (Anna) and Jason meet and she doesn't like him because, of his rough talk! But, she does like that slow grin he gets when he's thinking about not "proper" things"! Of course, she thinks about his tattoo snake and other not proper things. So, they just have to
have two opposite people join! I would recommend this to everyone!
I was given this book to read for an honest review.

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