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The killer straps women to his homemade spanking bench, beats them with a paint-scraping wire brush or rolled up newspaper until they beg to die, then skins them alive. He’s stalking his next victim. You!

Sexy Summer Davis has it all. The forty-year-old retired fitness model is gorgeous. Was recently elected to her first term as a city council member. Is married to a wealthy businessman. And is passionately involved in a variety of charities. To know Summer is to love her. Or not.

One morning she finds a severed finger in her driveway. Anonymous letters demanding she “Resign now or else!” appear in her mailbox every Monday. Her husband’s jealous of the time she spends on charity projects and threatens divorce. Someone driving a black Chrysler 300 is stalking her. Rayne, her psychic twin brother, receives visions indicating her life’s in jeopardy. And a serial killer’s on the prowl for his next victim … Summer!

Does she have multiple enemies, or is one person sending the letters, stalking her, and the source of her brother’s visions? Clues stack up. Suspicions rise. The murderer is likely someone Summer knows. Could he be her best friend’s husband? A current or former city council member? The womanizing jerk at the gym? The overly protective police officer? Maybe even her husband?

Will Summer discover the killer’s identity in time to avoid the horrors of his spanking bench and an agonizing death? Or will she become his most prized trophy yet?

Download “Summer Sweat” today to explore the “A Killer Among Us” series of killer-good stand alone novels.

Mysteries & Thrillers
February 8
Shirley Spain
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