Sun, Sand, and Sea Serpents

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Sea Serpent Territory

Ever since Columbus spotted mermaids, sea monsters, and mystery lizards in the New World, sightings of a diverse array of marine cryptids have continued unabated in the waters of Florida, the Southeastern coast, and the Caribbean. Dinosaurs, mermaids, and sea serpents in a range of colors and lengths, along with monster sharks, mystery seals, and giant penguins, all seem to have made the tourist-friendly waters of the region their home. In Florida, it became a running joke that the tourist season officially started when the first sea serpent report appeared.

What's behind all the reports? Hoaxes? Some certainly are. Yellow journalism? Yes, sometimes. Misidentifications? It's pretty common. A way to drum up business?  Shocking, but true. But in that mix, there may well be some unidentified animals as well. David Goudsward digs up the original sources and interviews to sort fact from fiction, and tells some fascinating stories along the way. 

"This is truly an extraordinary book! Not just because it focuses on sightings of sea monsters in the sunny Caribbean realm…and not because it contains an exhaustive bibliography… It’s because it describes, strictly in words, in clear detail, the features of strange animals.” — Paul LeBlond, University of British Columbia, and Honorary President, International Cryptozoology Society

“The writer, researcher, and investigator who is Dave Goudsward… is one of the best researchers I know… All told, Goudsward's extended examination of all the cryptids of Florida and the surrounding area is enlightening. Enjoy the quest!” — Loren Coleman, Director of the International Cryptozoology Museum, Portland, Maine 

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March 26
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