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Herein the writer discusses the present rise of China from looking at a specific critical statement made by Sun Tzu in his ancient treatise The Art of War. The writer builds on this one particular quote in such a way as to obtain a synthesis for why Mainland China needs so desperately to bring back Taiwan back into the fold. Mainland China has for decades claimed that Taiwan is a renegade province and nothing more. Mainland China hopes and works desperately on a round-the-clock daily basis in order to try to convince the rest of the world that this in fact is the case. Because of the mainlands unceasing rhetoric, often the rest of the world isnt aware of the true state of affairs (as on the contrary all Chinese in the world are) that in fact Taiwan, because of its democratic and open society, it therefore is an absolute threat to the state security of mainland China.

In fact, many of Taiwans open policies date back to the Japanese control of Taiwan from the years of 1895 until the end of WWII. This fact is something that mainland China refuses to officially accept and will without hesitation vehemently deny. However everyone who knows even some history and has travelled to Taiwan and spent time there can easily figure out. The writer has seen it for himself.

Systemics and reductionism are discussed as part of the analytical framework of this synthesis using Sun Tzus theory as per several noted writers on the theories of International Relations. Mention will be made of how this present mainland policy has in fact seriously eroded the once very sound infrastructure that was once the fundamental social fabric and framework for Hong Kong, leaving many Hong Kong people in serious doubt for their future.

Ultimately, all of this gets put on the front door of the U.S.A., whose position in the world, is by this very policy further under an even greater threat. Can China out-flank the USA in places such as the Pacific and continents such as Africa? The outcome remains to be seen. But this book will try to consider many of the possible scenarios.

Notwithstanding, what also gets mentioned is the concept of Entropy in trying to analyze international political activity. Certain concepts such as the entropy of mixing are use to speculate that historical events cannot easily be stopped once political momentum and policies are put into place. The power of the coalition in game theory.

August 5
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