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Ten Beach Road Novel

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In this brand-new summer read by the USA Today bestselling author of The House on Mermaid Point, three women join forces to bring a historic seaside hotel back to life…
There’s nothing that a fresh coat of paint and a few glasses of wine can’t fix…
After losing their life savings in a Ponzi scheme, Maddie, Avery, and Nikki have banded together to make the most of what they have left, using their determination, ingenuity, guts, and a large dose of elbow grease. It’s Maddie’s daughter Kyra who stumbles across a once glorious beachfront hotel that has fallen into disrepair. The opportunity to renovate this seaside jewel is too good to pass up—especially when they come up with the idea of shooting their own independent television show about the restoration. What could possibly go wrong?
Everything. With the cameras rolling, Maddie’s second-chance romance with her all-too-famous new boyfriend gets complicated, Avery struggles with grief over the loss of her mother, and Nikki’s reluctance to commit to the man who loves her could leave her to face the biggest challenge of her life. Even the hotel seems to be against them, when their renovation uncovers a decades-old unsolved murder which just might bring their lives tumbling down all over again…

Fiction & Literature
June 21
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

Lmnaquin ,

Re Avid Readers review and my take on the book

Personally I thought the book was great just like the rest in the series. In no way did I see that the book dwelled on Nikki and Joe. Everyone was included in the story, as usual, and the renovation.
I like to read the reviews, but Avid Reader wrote too much about the book before I had a chance to read it, which made me mad, but I could have done without the bragging on herself.
In the future I’ll be looking for her name in the reviews and avoiding at all costs reading it. I highly recommend this book, just like the rest and look forward to the next one.

AllAm67 ,

Great Summer Read!!

I loved this book! Maddie, Nikki, Avery and Kyra are back! I read through the night to find out what happens at Sunshine Beach. Can't wait for the next book in this series👍🏻

Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader ,

The latest Ten Beach Road novel!

Sunshine Beach by Wendy Wax is the fourth book in the Ten Beach Road series. The story starts in 1952 at the Sunshine Beach Club in Pass-a-Grille, Florida. A little girl that likes to show off who lives with her parents, older sister, and grandparents at the Sunshine Hotel and Beach Club. We then return to the present day as the group slowly returns to Bella Flora (also in Pass-a-Grille). Nicole, Madeline, Avery, and Kyra need to discuss what they are going to do now. They walked out on the home improvement they were working on after the network made them all look horrible and for the treatment they received. The group decides to produce a show on their terms, but they need a new project. They need a local project to save on costs. Kyra is out walking with her son, Dustin and discovers the abandoned Sunshine Hotel and Beach Club. It would be the perfect project. The owner turns out to be Renee Franklin (John Franklin’s wife) and her sister, Annelise Handleman (a real piece of work). The two sisters inherited the property jointly (which means they both have to agree on the disposition of the estate). But because of what happened to their parents, the two sisters (especially Annelise) cannot move on. Renee and Annelise never found out what happened to their mother. She disappeared and was never heard from again. They agree to let the four women work on the hotel, if the investigation into their mother’s disappearance is reopened. Annelise, an avid crime show watcher, is convinced that evidence will still exist in her parent’s cottage (which has not been touched). Will the ladies be able to make their own show and revitalize the Sunshine Hotel? Can the police figure out what happened to Renee and Annelise’s parents? You will have to read Sunshine Beach to find out!

I normally enjoy reading the books in this series (there a nice break) and was looking forward to this latest installment. But Sunshine Beach was a big letdown. It seemed to dwell more on Nicole and Joe’s relationship and Nicole’s commitment issues; Malcolm Dyer (Nicole’s brother and the person responsible for the Ponzi scheme) wanting to see Nicole (and it would help the FBI), but she does not wish to see him (and dwells on it for many pages); Kyra and Daniel Deranian’s relationship (even though he is married), the press (which are camped out in front of Bella Flora), and their son, Dustin; Avery having trouble dealing with the loss of her mother, Deidre Morgan (they were estranged for more than two decades); and Maddie’s romance with recovering rock-n-roll star, Will Hightower. I have to admit that the characters (that I normally enjoyed) got on my nerves in Sunshine Beach (too many issues especially with Nicole). I thought the pace was slow and the renovation project rushed. This book just was okay. I give Sunshine Beach 3 out of 5 stars. There was definitely something lacking in Sunshine Beach. This book was just not up to Wendy Wax’s usual standards. Sunshine Beach can be read as a stand-alone novel. Ms. Wax does a great job of updating the reader on what happened in the previous novels. I will probably read the next book in the series, but I think it should be the last book. It is time to put Ten Beach Road series to bed (let it go out with the tides).

I received a complimentary copy of Sunshine Beach from NetGalley (and the publisher) in exchange for an honest evaluation of the novel.

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