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Five years ago, Cherisse Nicholson’s world collapsed. In a freak accident, her beloved husband, Police Sergeant Brandon Nicholson, was killed in the line of duty. However, all was not as it seemed. With the help of the Evans family, Brandon’s death was investigated, and an international plot came to light involving powerful businessmen and the Mexican cartels. The Evans’ banded together in a multi-agency case to catch those involved and put them away forever.

With John Woods, Nathan Medina, and Rocky Alvarez behind bars, there is hope that they have stopped a massive smuggling organization – at least until next time.
Now it falls upon Assistant U.S. Attorney, Robert Wolffard, to bring them to justice while the Evans’ prepare for their next case. However, their hard work does not come without a price. As Wolffard struggles to keep the major players in jail, he meets the sergeant’s widow, Cherisse Nicholson and her two fatherless sons, and suddenly the case becomes more personal. The ambitious but lonely lawyer falls in love with her family while Cherisse clings to her unwavering loyalty to her deceased husband. She has a choice: continue to live with his memory, or take a chance at a new beginning.

While Wolffard builds the case of his career and grapples with his personal life, he and the Evans learn that they are the targets of an assassination. The cartels do not take the loss of their product easily, and they will make those involved pay. Will Wolffard live long enough to convince Cherisse to take a chance on him, or will she receive his body in pieces? How many Evans' will live to see the end of the trial?

As the Evans family run headlong into danger, they learn the hard way not to become too confident of their skills in this explosive culmination of the John Woods adventure.

February 4
Collette Scott
Smashwords, Inc.

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