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"This book was a total surprise. Super Dark is a sensational read from start to finish. With a first-class writing style throughout, Super Dark contains a marvelous plot to keep you intrigued from beginning to end. On the whole this was a magnificent read." Goodreads Review

How far would you go for the person you love?

In this stunning finale to the trilogy, Super Dark 3 finds Sam Harper battling against the odds to preserve all that she holds dear. Torn between her conscience and the boy she loves, Sam must make a heartbreaking decision that will change not only her life but the lives of those around her forever.

This is BOOK THREE of The Super Dark Trilogy. It is not a stand-alone novel. If you have not read Super Dark (Pars 1 and 2) you need to do that first for the best possible reading experience.

April 14
Tanith Morse
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Customer Reviews

MIlliejd ,

Loved the series

I loved this series. Read all three books in 2 days. In this book there were some word for word descriptions of places this Sam had already been to in previous books. I was waiting for some type of flash back story line that never came.

Keithbornmann ,

Not good

The main character has poor moral character. When I first started reading, I was supportive of Sam in her plight. I hoped the best for her. As The story continued, she continued to lie, deceive, cheat and murder. Her character was not worthy of my respect. She refused to be honest with those deserving of her honesty. She refused to respect her mother. Elliott gave her all of his devotion and loyalty, however she didn't show character deserving of it.

Near the end of the story, I no longer rooted for Sam to escape her predicament. Instead I felt justice need to be experienced in her life.

She behaved like a spoiled rotten kid, however, the story expected us to treat her like a gem, like something special, like a prize or re-ward for Elliot.

In addition to these moral mistakes, the author seems to have confused carnal selfish lust with love deserving of intimate relationship.

The author continued to re-ward poor moral judgment in the story

Jifieurididi ,

A mess toward the end

I gave the first 2 books 4 stars. This I can't rate highly. First Sam's repeated poor choices and lying erodes any sympathy the reader may have for her. Secondly, there are 2 scenes of self injury that has no place in a young adult novel. It just turns overly dramatic toward the end. I found myself skimming the last third of the book. Overall a disappointing ending.

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