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“Super Joy goes far beyond happiness or contentment. It is the regular and enduring celebration of the delight of daily living, the savoring of the moments of our lives that are all too often missed. This super joy is a joy that feeds rather than takes from the human spirit.”

—Do you think you must get the most of everything you do?

—Do you thrive on stress?

—Do you think you must solve all your problems in order to be happy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you must read Super Joy.

Super Joy dies not belittle your problems or wish your stresses away. One again, Paul Pearsall, Ph.D., best selling author of Super Marital Sex and Super Immunity, considers how we really live—which is not always the best way—and has developed a revolutionary new psychology, based on being super healthy, super strong, and super joyful.

Pearsall studies people who don’t get sick—despite the stresses of modern lifestyles—and applies their characteristics to daily living. While so many other books have described the psychochemical relationships between stress, depression, and disease, this is the first book to focus on the “up side” of that cycle—joy, a too often forgotten natural human response. Pearsall explains a step-by-step program that can make joy a permanent part of your life—regardless of the outside pressures you endure. Through revealing questionnaires, intriguing case studies, and sensitive examples, he teaches you how to turn on your own joy juices. He discusses joy in working, loving, and includes special messages for those times when you have lost someone, or when you’re sick or hurt, or can’t find someone to love.

Integrating Eastern and Western religions and modern psychological principles, Super Joy is a call to a new way of life—a joyful new perspective on the art of living.

Health, Mind & Body
June 8
White Crow Productions Ltd
White Crow Productions Ltd

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