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What does it mean to place judgements?

In society, so many women place judgements on mothers for how they perceive their role as a mom should be. The role of a mother is a sacred gift given to women to be instrumental in the upbringing of a child. Shevaughn D. Henderson, CWEC raises this question among others, inside this never before approach to being a Supermom. 

The importance of community between mothers is the main theme across the book. An important aspect to the idea is that as women we need to uplift each other for our own unique styles. We all come from different backgrounds that influence how we raise our children. 

In Supermom, you will discover: 

* The New Mom

  ~ Taking you through the ups and downs of transitioning to motherhood.

  ~ Keys to Accepting this new found part of your life.

  ~ Learning how to be you

  ~ The Everyday Guide to Motherhood

* Celebrating All of Who You Are

  ~ Owning who you are, Supermom & the power you have & stripping society’s idea of the word by giving it new meaning.

  ~ How to manage motherhood, the bad days & the good days.

  ~ Remembering you were a woman before you were a mother

  ~ The unending love we have as mothers 

* Bridging the Gap

  ~ Our views of each other as women & how it leads the future generation

  ~ Embracing the Sisterhood of Motherhood

  ~ Changing the World, One Mother at a Time and why it’s important

* Mom to Supermom

  ~ Encouragement to Dream your Dream and not just your kids dreams

  ~ Keys to Believing in who you are, not just as a mom, but as an individual

  ~ Steps to take you forward in your dreams, ideas, and goals. 

Shevaughn D. Henderson, CWEC empowers women. Focusing on the need to remember the importance of being unique. Shevaughn D. Henderson, CWEC shines a bright light on remembering we are not better than the next mother, we are just different in our own way. Shevaughn D. Henderson, CWEC uses biblical references in her approach to encourage, uplift and transform women into everything they were meant to be. 

Supermom, Celebrating All of Who You Are is an inspiring book teaching women to celebrate our uniqueness by enjoying life, love, and happiness. For it is the essence of being All of Whom You Are. 

Supermom, Celebrating All of Who You Are is a book for all moms.

September 8
Rising Sunset Publishing
Shevaughn Henderson