Surf Your Way Through School

But Avoid The Banzai Pipeline On An Air Mattress Approach!

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Described as superior to any other program of its type by experts, this book teaches students immediately effective ways to learn far more in less time. 

Average students using this approach have become valedictorians while cutting study time in half. A special education student with ADHD, dyslexia and oral speech dysfunction made the honor role the very next grading term and became MVP of the year after being eligible to play basketball for the first time.  A test group of students nearly doubled the number of As after one 2-hour exposure to the contents of this book. A law student cut study time from 8 to 3 hours and improved. But it’s about much more than getting great grades in less time.  It is about using your creativity and imagination to exceed the expectations and imagination of others in everything you do while retaining more.  

In this book, I take you on an adventure, using an extended metaphor based on an actual, real-life experience. Many years ago, I talked three of my friends into surfing the famous Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii—on 99-cent inflated air mattresses, no less. And on a day of super set waves.

Throughout this book, I weave in and out of this story, using its lessons to underscore the do’s and don’ts, the principles and practices of acing tests in school and learning ten times more.

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June 19
Michael H. Teig
Michael H. Teig

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This book is great! It is very informative as well as very entertaining! The concept is spot on and has helped me achieve A after A! Definitely worth the purchase.