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Powerone takes you on tour of what few men have the dark vision to imagine, and fewer men can make it a reality.  There is no turning back on the journey four women are taken on, yet they can’t see the future unless they Surrender in the Dungeon.

Sandy and Luke were married in a fabulous wedding.  They left for their honeymoon, but instead of an airplane, the two of them were whisked away to a private club.  Luke was bound.  He’d watch his wife, Sandy have her honeymoon, but it would be other men that would teach her all she needed to know about pleasing a man, and she learned well.  Luke also learned for he’d never fathomed doing such things to his bride, yet he couldn’t control his arousal as he watched Sandy perform.

Brandi and Nola were good friends, but they never looked as though they belonged together.  The two women find themselves the center of attention in a private dungeon that had everything the richest men in the world could afford.  Brandi and Nola had these desires in their fantasies, but will it live up to expectations in the real world.  Twelve men had all the high tech gear that would make the women bend to their will and unable to stop what would be perpetrated on their beautiful bodies. 

Alicia finds herself the object of attention for an afternoon of delight for the rich.  She the only alternative is to surrender to desires of these unmerciful men.

Ten years in the future, a small group, the top 1% of the top 1% controls the world’s wealth.  They are protected by the laws they have passed, and they are untouchable.  The decadent days of the dark ages were back - but in a modern setting.  It now takes greater depravities to amuse the men at the top.  A Gatherer has been hired to find candidates suitable for their private events.  He is them to serve the pleasure of the rich.  Powerone tells their stories with the kind of realistic detail that only he can write.  Read this book, and you will identify with either the perpetrator or the victim.

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May 16
Renaissance E Books
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