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An unconventional princess.

A man sent to protect her at all costs.

Navy SEAL and Special Ops Major Anthony Garrison has secretly had Princess Shayla’s six for the last four years. He’s been her comrade, confidant, and drinking buddy, all while fighting a growing attraction. Watching a*****e guys hit on her as he’s forced to deny his own desires is slowly driving him crazy. 

When the princess is captured and held hostage, Anthony blames himself and goes against great odds to save her.

Princess Shayla is held prisoner for months and begins to lose hope of ever being rescued. Her one regret is never having acted on her attraction to her co-pilot and friend. Now she doesn’t know if he’s a captive like her…or even alive. 

During a courageous rescue attempt, Anthony becomes both her savior and a stranger who’d lied to her for years. Still, the lure of her desire proves stronger than her distrust of the man who betrayed her. Anthony may be the only person to help her heal, but can she trust him to be more?

Then one night…

One kiss changes everything.

November 6
Lizabeth Scott
Lizabeth Scott

Customer Reviews

Debi Rowe ,

Heat, Compassion, Love!

Wow.....Lizabeth pulled out all the stops on this one! After reading Shay and Ant’s story, the back scene and the ending, this has definitely made its way to the top of my favorite Lizabeth Scott books!
From beginning to the very last word I was mesmerized, hooked and emotional. Wherever that comes from, Liz, keep it going!
Again, if there was a 10 star rating, it would get a 15......loved this book!



I’ve held off giving reviews for all the books in this series, because I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt. However, after paying money for these books in hopes of one being better, and then being disappointed, I have to comment. The storyline is great, but it’s missing more content. We need more of a build up in the relationships and a better ending for each one. Even the story with Kaden and Arina, give something more to the ending. Give more content. Everything seemed to be moving at a fast pace with no real content. It’s far too expensive for something like this. Also, the intimate scenes don’t even make sense. In all her books, they just seem to fast forward without feeling the connection between the characters. I also don’t like how this Mili situation seems to drag out for a few years. It gets three stars because I truly enjoy this family and their characters, and it’s because I love them so much that I want more content in each book. Maybe provide a mini series of better or more endings for each of the couples?

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