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“This whole series is wonderful!” - Reader Review

Max Cartwright is out for blood.

Jason Draper may have been Max’s best friend, but endangering the life of Abby Sterling is the last straw in a long list of unforgivable sins. Following the shooting that nearly ended Max’s life, Jason is on the run, his reputation in tatters. Determined to make him pay, Max spends his time hunting for Jason and integrating Vegas’s criminal enterprise into the Syndicate’s existing operations. Then Jason returns, determined to salvage his empire by any means necessary — unless Max kills him first.

Abby Sterling is ready to heal.

Her beloved house may be gone, but she has Max, and after years of estrangement, she’s found tenuous common ground with her newly-sober father. She doesn’t know what the future holds, but with Jason out of the picture, she’s beginning to believe it will be bright when everything comes tumbling down.

When word comes that Jason has turned State’s witness against Max and the Syndicate, the clock starts ticking on their plans to eliminate him. There’s only one problem: Jason is holed up in the Presidential Suite at the Tangier, surrounded by a bigger, badder contingent of mercenaries who are being paid a small fortune to protect him.

With the help of the Syndicate and a rogue FBI agent, Max stages an assault on the suite, determined to end Jason’s reign of terror over his life with Abby. But when tragedy strikes close to home, Jason’s true depravity is revealed and Max is forced to face the fact that this isn’t the first time Jason has killed to get what he wants — and if Max doesn’t stop him, it won’t be the last.

April 30
Blackthorn Press
Michelle Zink

Customer Reviews

Shauny AvaG ,

Love unmatched!

Max and Abby have been to hell and back and a lot of it can be attributed to their former close friend, now rival and mortal enemy, Jason Draper. Max had a close call before Jason disappeared but his return to Vegas makes it painfully clear there’s only one solution to keeping Abby safe and living their life in peace. Jason must be taken out. He’s not only a threat to them but also a potential threat to the Syndicate and the people of Las Vegas. He’s dangerous and deranged which was proven when once again he causes Abby immeasurable pain. Max is more determined than ever that Jason must die and he will have to learn to trust and let others in, he can’t go it alone. Their love is unmatched, strong enough to get them through anything together but they need a support system and the Syndicate brothers comes through once again. A familiar face from Nico and Farrell’s past return when they need additional resources and Max once again has to let his guard down to trust someone else to help. Abby is comfortable and happy with the addition to the team and additional help but Max, not so much. He’s slowly learning that being a part of the Syndicate means trusting others, not lowering your defenses. Max goes all out to exact his revenge and take out Jason while racing against the clock because the dynamics have shifted because Jason is a twisted soul and cannot be trusted.

What a wonderful ending and Abby and Max are a force to be reckoned with having the Syndicate behind them. Thanks Michelle for another amazing story. ❤️❤️❤️

🐝ee ,

Can’t wait for the final book!

Love the mob series and can hardly wait for the next book. Michelle writes a thorough book with developed characters and a great plots.

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