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Once upon a time, she fell for a boy she shouldn’t have.

He said he loved her, then left town without saying goodbye.

Then, he came back. 

A guardian angel dressed in black with blood on his hands. 

He promised to keep her safe. To kill them all. To return home and make her his bride.

But this story is no fairy tale…

Once upon a time, she fell for a boy she shouldn’t have…

And their love was crueler than death. 

Return to a world of sinfully seductive anti-heroes, strong-willed heroines, and a criminal organization that stands in the way of happily ever after. Surrender includes the last three books in this thrilling series: Mad Love, Cruel Love, and Endless Love!

May 9
Tabatha Kiss
Tabatha Kiss

Customer Reviews

lynnecuda ,

She rolled Snake Eyes again!

Tabatha Drake aka Tabatha Kiss

This is a retitled Snake Eyes book. Here’s my review of the original.

I received an ARC for an honest review. I love the Snake Eyes series so even though the beginning had a slower build than the other books, I knew it was going to get really good. Come on! Snake Eyes! Tabatha Kiss! Boy was I right! This was Great story! She just had to lay the foundation for the characters, whom you will love, as always! This story has everything you would expect from a Snake Eyes story! Violence, intrigue, murder, betrayal, romance, love, retribution!! Yes, Yes, Yes! She's done it again!!!.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

ClearH ,


4 1/2 Stars

I liked the way the author started each of the first books with a prologue that included the beginning of a climactic ending from the (various) heroine’s viewpoints. As each couple was introduced in the first collection, the mystery of how it would all end was a great hook.
This finale answered the questions and finished off the mystery. Jam packed with action, drama and interpersonal relational issues in the midst of a life and death storyline, this was a page turner indeed.
That being said, all the characters show up in this conclusion and it might just be me and my old brain. but I thought it was just too much at times. I had to stop and think who belonged to who, their backstory and how they connected with each other. This occurred quite frequently especially when multiple couples merged together within the plot.
The female main characters had to deal with tremendous loss and tragedy, it wasn’t quite believable how they pushed through it all and yet as a mafia/espionage romance. I was glad the author didn’t spend too much time on each loss.
Lots of action, twists and turns with a complex backstory tying all the characters together. Need to pay attention to the barrage of detailed information scattered through each story.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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