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Commander Thornex is a Hybrid--half Kindred and half Pyro--a much feared people who have the ability to unleash horrific maelstroms of flame whenever they are angered. All his life Thorn has struggled to control the destructive power within him. A horrible accident in his past made him swear to never unleash the fire again and for many years, he has kept himself under tight control. During his many undercover missions as a spy for the Kindred, his iron will has never wavered.
That is until he allows himself to be sold as a slave on Yonnie Six…

Mistress Neh'sanna is the most renowned trainer of male body-slaves in all of Yonnie Six. The denizens of the female-ruled society revere her effortless control and the way she is able to make any male bend to her will. But though Neh'sa takes pride in her work, she is lonely. She trains male slaves for the use of other mistresses but has never found one of her own that she could truly let down her guard around. Then she buys Thorn and begins to have feelings for him no Mistress ought to have for her slave…

The emotion between them grows intense but when circumstances spin out of control and Thorn is forced to reverse their positions and take the role of Dom, will Neh'sa ever forgive him? You'll have to read Surrendered to find out.

July 15
Evangeline Anderson
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Customer Reviews

R. Manor ,

Surrendered Book 20 Kindred Brides

This is the 20th ok in Evangeline Anderson's Kindred Bride series. I have been a lover of this author's books and this series from the beginning and await impatiently for each addition to the series. I highly suggest reading in order for maximum enjoyment and insight into the series as the stories, awesome world building and characters all build upon and interweave upon each other.
The synopsis given on this page by the author is a great summary of the book and the plot doesn't need repeating. I loved having a hero who was a spy for the Kindred on a mission to save the earth. Thorne surprised me and I believe also himself.

It was good to return to Yonnie 6 without having to constantly cringe at how the women treat their male slaves and how flawed their social structure is. The heroine Ne'sha is famous for her training of male slaves who she then carefully places with worthy mistresses. She knows how to use reward and punishment on ways that make both the males and their mistresses form almost sacred bonds. Having one male slave whom she had become deeply attached to and formed a love bond, Ne'sha also realizes that reversing the role playing can be equally rewarding and being the submissive can be just as exciting and even desired. Ne'sha is also a healer and we get to see the outskirts of society here where abandoned or abused males congregate and go for help at her shelter.
The storyline definitely touches on and has us question our own feelings and ideas about don/summissive relationships as well as male/female roles.
There's a good deal of excitement, an awesome amount of *****5stars of 🔥Hotness (nobody writes these scenes as well as Evangeline) and a phenomenal storyline in a wonderfully lengthy book. An awesome addition to the Kindred series, this book is a must read as is the whole series.

Flchick12 ,

Another 5-star win for the Kindred Brides series

Another favorite to add to my list. Evangeline Anderson has made this series into a huge success. None of the stories are alike and the characters are out of this world (pun not intended). Each book enhances our experiences with the Kindred and other species they interact with. But, never forget, how they act with their intended mates is something that fantasies are definitely made of.

This book is no different, Neh'sanna and Thornx are a mix that would have never crossed my mind...ever. While we've met Mistresses from Yonnie Six before, this is the first time one of the characters has been an actual mistress instead of someone posing as one. Learning about both characters histories and what's lead them to where they are now is both heartbreaking and understandable.

Mistress Neh'sa has made the decision never to have another body-slave of her own after her last one passed away ten years. She's a special lady for sure, she has healing powers that come from her mothers side of the family. She opened a clinic for injured males to go to for help after what happened to he slave, and goes in to help whenever she's needed. Once her last body-slave passed on, she took up training slaves for others and usually brought in a body double to help with the sexual aspect of the training...but for some reason she cannot bring herself to do that with Thorn. There's just something about him that hurts her to think of someone else being with him.

Thornx has been sent to Yonnie Six to gather information about the Hive species to try and save the Earth from being taken over by those horrid bugs. He expected to be forced to submit in ways that he never wanted to, but he never expected to be touched inside by the one that he was suppose to use to gather the information. Being a half-breed Kindred and pyro, he's kept his pyro side dormant for years, but something about Mistress Neh'sa reaches inside him and touches that side of him as well. He's starting to love her, and has a feeling she's meant to be his mate, but he knows once he uses her to get in the archives for the information on the Hive, he'll lose her.

Neither of them expect what happens next...before he can gather the information he's after, as well as after.

This book, much like the rest of the series, will keep you on your toes and refuse to let you put it down for even a moment. Even with the BDSM aspects, as well as the female dominance some may not really enjoy, it's definitely worth the read.

I'm voluntarily reviewing an advanced reader copy of this book.

DonnaHok ,

Submitting never felt so good

In this book, you have Thorn a half Kindred who goes undercover to retrieve documents from the library on Yonnite Six. But to do this he is but on the Body slave market and needs Mistress Neh'sa to buy him. She is the key to getting into the library. Those documents are the key to defeating the Hive. If Yonnite wasn’t such a matriarchal planet, think men inferior, they would have tried to just ask for their help.
Thorns other half, not Kindred, has been under control for a few decades, but one touch from his new mistress and it come to life. He is determined to keep his other side under control but she unknowingly sets him on fire.
One of the biggest problems may be Thorn leaving after he retrieves the documents and leaving Neh'sa behind.
The other problem is the Hive and their plans for Earth and the women on the planet. Wanting to steal them to implant their grubs to save the Hive. And still needing to find a Queen to carry the royal grub.
Action packed from the very start. With a love story within. Well written and very enthralling to read this self-contained story.

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