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When a woman who isn't used to pursuing her attraction meets a man who isn't used to running away they will need to make a decision if they will accept and give into the surrendering dare…

Atkins Malik doesn't run from anything.  Or so he thinks…yet this one woman makes him want to run to and from her all at once. There is something about Sawyer that pushes all his buttons and he isn't sure if giving in or walking…heck running as fast as he can away from her is the best thing. He's not used to being pursued and finds it is a disconcerting feeling. One that he isn't sure if he likes. He wonders what would Sawyer do if he turns the tables and starts his own pursuit. First, he'll need to decide what he'll do with her one he catches her. And catch her he will since he doesn't miss any challenge, he sets for himself. He already knows that Sawyer is a woman who will change him but is he ready for it.

Sawyer Ross knows what she wants and when she decides to go for it it's with all her focus and nothing will dissuade her. When she first saw Atkins, she found something she wanted unlike anything else. She wasn't use to being so attracted to anyone that she would actually go after them. Atkins maybe perceived as a stand-offish man who doesn't interact but she likes that about him since she also doesn't like social interactions. The one on one is more her thing and with Atkins she wants that…a lot. Now she just needed to pique his interest and have him pursue her. She already knew he would be hers it was just a matter of him figuring that out for himself.

Only time will tell if this unexpected meeting will bring a chance of a lifetime that leads to a surrendering dare…

August 13
Taige Crenshaw
Draft2Digital, LLC

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