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Nikki Gray has reason to hate the dragon hunters—they brutally murdered one of her friends a year ago. Not only that, they have caused havoc on several of the British dragon clans, injuring countless individuals. Determined to defeat the hunters by kidnapping their leader, Simon Bourne, she teams up with a human male in the British special forces. After six months of work, they’re finally ready to carry out their mission and capture Bourne. However, one ill-timed kiss derails their plans and changes their lives forever.

At the request of his sister, Rafe Hartley agrees to work with the dragon-shifters. After all, the dragon hunters are a pain in his arse and the fewer of them, the better. The dragonwoman assigned as his Stonefire liaison, however, is the same one he hurt four years ago when they were both stationed in Afghanistan. They both manage to pretend the past never happened, but with each passing encounter, he’s drawn more and more to the lively, stubborn dragonwoman. When he finally gives in to his attraction and kisses her, it turns his life upside down.

Rafe and Nikki must now decide what to do with their futures. Can they still work together and find a way to capture Simon Bourne? Or, will their fated kiss result in a divide that can’t be healed?

May 12
Mythical Lake Press, LLC
Mythical Lake Press, LLC

Customer Reviews

Dee Amanda ,

Nikki and Rafe

This was amazing. The two are stubborn and live the challenge. They are truly worrier to love.
Keep writing luv

!Bibi! ,

Absolutely in love

I'm loving all these adventures of finding love and fighting to keep their home safe. Nikki and Rafe's story is truly something amazing. I cannot wait for Lorna and Cassidy's story to be untold. They should be just as amazing or more than the rest.

DonnaHok ,

Awesome story. Totally entertaining!

This is the story of Nikola (Nikki) Gray and Rafe Hartley. For reason we find out later in the book, these two get off to a very rocky start. But with just one kiss Nikki finds out that Rafe is her true mate, whether she like it or not. Now she has to decide to either go through months of pain or let Rafe impregnate her. But Nikki won’t go down without a fight and refuses to give up her life as a protector of the clan. On top of all that, even if she wanted to keep Rafe, it’s illegal for a Dragonwoman to take a human male as a mate. Lot of action and adventure happens in this well written and very entertaining story.

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