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Ravenel Hayes is a perfect daughter, a loving sister, a loyal friend, and an excellent student. Returning home to complete her MBA and be closer to her family, she has her future all mapped out. That is until her path leads her straight into Declan Collins. The dark haired, tattooed singer with a sinful body is a distraction, one that’s way out of her league. He wasn’t part of her plan. But now that he’s literally knocking on her door, how can she avoid him?

Declan Collins lives life to the edge. His only emotional attachments are to his family and his band. He’s your typical bad-boy, lead singer who lives with no regrets. “Hook-up and head-out” is his motto. His ultimate goal is to take his band all the way to the top, or so it was. When he runs into Raven, she stirs up emotions in him that he had never thought possible. From their very first meeting, there’s no denying the chemistry between them. He’s not a relationship guy, but can she change his playboy ways?

Jealousy, anger, stalkers, and fame and fortune threaten to tear these two apart. Will surrendering to their love get them through the challenges that await them? Or will it tear them apart?

*Due to graphic language and explicit sexual situations, this book is recommended for readers 18+.

November 28
Ahren Sanders
Ahren Sanders

Customer Reviews

inakah_12 ,

What I think about this book

This book was amazing, and even though I was disappointed in the end. I didn’t understand how she could just leave Declan over a lack of Communication. Things where really well for them both and she picks a job in London that is so far away from him. When she knows that he cannot live without her love and that this “break” will screw him up big time. I also feel as though if his band mates where real friends they would never had asked him to hide his relationship. I also think Finn should know that he would never be able to love her and she would feel the same way when she was so in love with Declan. She has been off limits since she was 6 and that shouldn’t change just because Finn thinks he is in love with her

ZivaChavive ,


What a page turner. Lots of adult stuff too. The story is bittersweet, believable except maybe all the mistakes Declan makes but not Raven. Good family support and gatherings. Great friendships. I'm buying book 2 now.

Lalamoolah ,

I absolutely loved it!

Honestly, I'd have to say, this book was pretty amazing! I loved that it moved fast but at a reasonable pace. Ahren didn't go into detail in some of Declan and Ravens days, but gave enough information for you to know what was happening on what day! Which was good enough for me considering a lot of authors don't include what what happened on what days and it just makes you lose track of their time and what happened during those times.. For some reason I was really iffy about reading it but now I'm glad I did read it! It was an amazing read!

Raven and Declan's story felt so realistic! I feel like I were there with them the whole way. I cried, I laughed and I ached with all characters! I love how ahren didn't just focus on one character, but on all characters! I loved how declan and finn even got a few pages in! It is nice to get a feel of how Declan and Finn felt here and there..

If you're looking for a fun, flirty good read, this is it!

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