Surrounded by Darkness

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When attorney Olivia Murray opens a legal clinic for victims of domestic violence in Windy Ridge, she knows she will face legal and spiritual opposition. The New Age presence has grown stronger as alliances form between groups hoping to spread their destructive way of life and gain a stronghold in the community. While the forces of evil target Olivia’s new clinic and her relationships, she refuses to let them stop her quest for justice.

Grant Baxter is facing legal woes of his own when a former client sues him for malpractice. His faith is shaken as he faces down the possibility that his legal career is over. While Grant struggles to save his once thriving law practice, he wonders if he truly deserves to be Olivia’s partner outside of the courtroom.

With evil coming at them from all angles, Olivia and Grant’s relationship is put to the test. The two of them must come together and fight for the hearts and minds of those in Windy Ridge. Will their faith be strong enough—in God and each other—to prevail in the battle that threatens to bring darkness to the entire town?

Mysteries & Thrillers
October 8
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Customer Reviews

Carol M Smith ,

Rachel Dylan’s Surrounded by Darkness

The New Age groups in the town of Windy Ridge
are thriving front companies. A non profit group,
the Optimism is lead by Layton Alito who is the
Founder of Optimism Windy Ridge. This person
is bringing the forces of evil to prevail throughout
the community. He has set his sight on Attorney
Olivia Murray who is a very strong Christian and
defense Attorney Grant Baxter who has been
brought to the light. But now all sort of darkness
surrounds them both. Will they survive the evil
The writing foes effortlessly with the story of evil
versus good. The main characters are well defined
and relatable with a colorful, vivid supporting
This is a story about choices, loss, sacrifices plus
regrets and the power of love.
I volunteered to read Surrounded by Darkness.
Thanks to the author for the opportunity. My opinion
is my own.

Mblteach ,

Good versus evil

Surrounded by Darkness
Rachel Dylan

The third in her Windy Ridge Legal Thriller series brings the fight between good and evil to a thrilling climax.
Olivia and Grant are attacked from all angles as they fight to survive in their jobs and personal life. Can their faith be strong enough to overcome evil that lurks in Windy Ridge and not only help them, but also community?
A must read in a series that keeps getting better with each book.

Ellen/Oceanside ,


Louise a sitting judge.has been called as a personal witness, having known Layton for ten years, both working for a non profit Optimism’s group. There also was Spiritual New Age groups in town, with thriving front companies.
The forces of evil was behind Layton, he didn’t just need witchcraft to get what he want. The evil has been thriving in town for the last couple of years.Combine with the sinister feeling in the courtroom, Olivia wanted to leave.
Her boyfriend Grant, had a settlement case he worked on for months,blow up. An envelope now, telling he was being sued.for malpractice. The forces of darkness were determined to go after this power couple. If Layton gets off, he also will be after them. Spiritual attack that hits her with her insecurities and fears, would they push Grant away. Would he instead show courage and strength, and be there with her. Powerful book of darkness has power to overcome a person. Showing also the bond of love between Grant and Olivia
Given ARC for my voluntary review and my honest opinion.

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