Survival Guide for Beginners

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Super storm Sandy ripped up the eastern seaboard of the United States, leaving death and destruction in its path. While everyone knew the storm's path, and when it would strike, people and the community as a whole were caught off guard by the devastation. Super storm sandy provides an example of why preparing for the worst-case scenario is the prudent path to take.

This is a guide that is exactly what you would expect it to be by its title. It is a guide full of all of the information someone without any survival experience will need in order to keep him or herself and their family safe in a disaster of some sort. This guide covers every sort of disaster, from earthquakes, to floods, to tornadoes. It tells you everything you need to know about preparing yourself both mentally and physically for such a disaster.

If you are worried about some form of disaster hitting you, this guide will help you be ready for it and give you some peace of mind about them.

December 12
Vitaly Pedchenko
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Granny6724 ,

Survival Guide For Beginners

Very informative. Well-explained. Useful.

Samus1976 ,

Some good info, bad presentation

The article has some good information on preparation, but much of it is little more than common sense, so in that respect it can accurately be called a beginner's guide. The author has placed links to helpful items, but most of the items mentioned, such as the bug out bags, could be assembled over time at a much lower cost than being purchased as a pre packaged kit. I will say that the items linked are all of good quality. My primary issue with this article is that it sorely needed proof reading, as the writing and grammar sometimes make it difficult to discern the author's meaning in some areas. It is difficult to take an article like this seriously when the language used to describe such an important subject is presented in such an amateur manner. All in all a decent covering of the subject and some good points, but it just needs some refinement and some additional details.

Jessiepoint ,

Don't panic just be ready

Love this book,most of survival book are made for commercial purpose and they are actually freaking out people to make you buy their products,this book is simple and you actually learn tips that is better and nothing wrong to be prepare for any kind of emergency and not like the end or dooms day is coming

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