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There are almost a million divorces a year in the United States. Some 2,000,000 suddenly-single men and women find themselves facing the bewildering problems of building new lives for themselves each year. Survival Guide For The Suddenly Single is written for them, by a woman and a man who have faced similar problems and overcome them.
Survival Guide is written in chapters that alternate between the woman's viewpoint and the man's, by a woman and a man who have gone through their suddenly single time. They show the funny, tragic, maddening, happy things that can--and do--happen when you become suddenly single. Their emphasis is on using this time as an opportunity to learn how to live, to build a new lifestyle, to achieve independence, self-esteem, and emotional maturity.
In specific chapters, they show the problems facing the suddenly-single person. And their solutions. For example:

- How to keep your ex from invading your suddenly-single home.

- How to cope with the financial disaster area left in the wake of the marriage's break-up.

- How to tell the children about the split, and how to handle their relationships with their other parent.

- How to meet new people and deal with the fun and fears of sex.

- How to survive friends and relatives who are either overly-helpful or terribly distant.

- How to learn to stand on your own feet and face the world unafraid, free, and open to the lifestyle you've always wanted to achieve.

- How to choose a place to live and deal with the intricacies of cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc.

- How to build a suddenly-single lifestyle while still supporting your ex and children.

- How to get back into the swing of dating.

- How to keep your marital split from affecting your job.

- How to keep your children from becoming strangers to you.

- How to get past the guilt feelings and start living.
A time of woe, or a time of growth. Survival Guide For The Suddenly Single shows how to turn the first few weeks and months after a marriage break-up into a period of renewal and accomplishment.

Ben Bova (six-time Hugo Award winning author) and his long-time soul mate Barbara Berson wrote this book after each faced a breakup. They were married over 30 years, until Barbara's passing in 2009.

** Publisher's Note
Many things have changed since this book was written in 1974--though many things have not. Please understand there may be some obvious social anachronisms, as well as dated dollar amounts, etc. These should all be obvious, with the bulk of the advice remaining useful.

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