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Survival Handbook

Basics for Family Preparedness in a Case of Disaster

This book is a true guide about how to protect your family in the bitter instances of disaster. This book is well researched and based on the technical ideas and tips regarding how to avoid the dangers of disaster. It is schemed tremendously on the step-wise ideas that how you can handle the situations and how you can keep all & all of your family members safe and secured. Whether it’s your disabled sister, or it’s an elderly of your home with a weakened gaze, this book enchantingly facilitate you that how you can protect all from the hazardous impacts of catastrophes. This book is written in a simple language with no jargon words. Any common man can get a real guidance from this book. The bullets are added and the tables are inserted in this book to convey the to-the-point ideas and notions to the readers. This immersive book is covering all the perspectives of disaster, the possibilities of dangers and the wondrous coping strategies. This notorious book is an excellent motive for the people of wakened hearts who think “disaster as a ruining power”. The core themes inside this book are enough for breaking the irrational beliefs of people that thinks “beings can do nothing in front of disasters”. You can get a maximum potential with enlightening hopes and with utmost chances of success against the negative respective of disasters.
Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

Family preparedness in case of disaster – Why it is mandatory
How to avoid bad impacts of disaster on your family’s career
A guide about disaster kits
3 basic steps to prepare family disaster plan
How to train children in family preparedness in case of disaster
What to do for handicapped members in case of disaster

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