Surviving Religious Burnout Surviving Religious Burnout

Surviving Religious Burnout

Get Out of Your Spiritual Rut and Start Enjoying a Meaningful Christianity

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Publisher Description

Have you ever experienced burn out as a believer? What do you do when your faith feels stuck in a rut? While some focus on being more disciplined, there is another solution.

Christianity is not about perfecting your spiritual routines. Freedom in Christ should lead to our souls being released, not restricted. The Christian walk is refreshing and full of joy. If this is the case, then why are so many experiencing something less rewarding?

Most well-meaning believers are unaware they have slipped into legalism. Further complicating this Christian performance trap is that you appear passionate and excited all the up to burning out and become discouraged.

You can only run on this spiritual treadmill for so long before you realize you are going nowhere. The frustration of always moving but never arriving is enough to cause anyone to become bitter and quit.

In Surviving Religious Burnout, I hope to help you out of this pattern of exhaustion. This book will help you get out of your spiritual rut and into an enjoyable, meaningful Christianity. To do this, we will dig up the roots of burnout and plant seeds of truth that will lead to a flourishing faith.

Religion & Spirituality
July 23
Josh Roberie
Josh Roberie

Customer Reviews

Ruthless24/7 ,

What a good read!

If you have been a Christian for a while or you are serving at your church and you just feel burnt out, please read this book. I could relate to this book in so many ways and the author Josh brings all of these points out in the open so we can see them for what they are and make the adjustments we need. The goal of a Christian is to fall madly in love with Jesus more and more every day. But if we would be honest with ourselves I think we would see that we have done things with the wrong intentions in church. Maybe we are more worried about serving others instead of serving Jesus first. I highly recommend this book if anyone feels burnt out or just frustrated right now with their Christian walk.

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