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Any new mother will benefit from this book, but it is the only child-care book to meet the needs of physically disabled mothers and those with conditions which limit their energy. It has the "I've-been-there" touch of a woman who has lived through the experience. It explains how Mom can select equipment that provides ease rather than ulcers; how to arrange the baby's room so the wheelchair, with her in it, does not end up in the closet; how to keep tabs on the little explorer without making a cage out of crutches. In other words, it gives the extra-challenged mother what she wants and needs most: self-reliance and self-confidence. This, then, is an enabling book.
Surviving Your Child’s First Years is designed to be concise so it can be enjoyed on first reading, then easily referred to again and again. Its tone is woman-to-woman rather than clinical, with humor interjected throughout. The use of a variety of children’s names will have the reader watching out for her own child’s name, making that section of the discussion more personal to her. She may even find a name that she likes but had not thought about! The expectant or new mother will find practical ideas to help her get the house and equipment ready ahead of the birth, bathe and feed Baby, deal with clutter, face emergencies, and handle other tasks that exhaust even the most physically-fit person—all with an eye toward energy-conservation, nurturing, and bonding.

The contents have been approved by a pediatrician, and the products mentioned are available in stores throughout the country.

This is a great gift for all expectant and new moms alike.

June 22
Jackie O'Donnell
Smashwords, Inc.

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