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A collection of short stories, journalism pieces, and miscellaneous writings by the esteemed English novelist Henry Green. Accompanied by a biographical afterword by the author's son, this book offers an invaluable glimpse into the life of a singular, mysterious, and thoroughly brilliant twentieth-century writer.

“At its highest pitch,” John Updike writes in his introduction to Surviving, “Green’s writing brings the rectangle of printed page alive like little else in English fiction this century—a superbly rendered surface above a trembling depth, alive not only with the reflections of reality but with the consolations of art.” Though fellow writers from W.H. Auden to Eudora Welty have lionized his brilliant, original, often hugely funny novels, Henry Green remains one of the great literary secrets of our time. 

Surviving, which gathers a selection of Green’s writings, features a number of remarkable stories from the 1920s and 1930s; an account of Green’s service in the London Fire Brigade during the Blitz; a short, unpublished play, Journey Out of Spain; a selection of Green’s journalism; and a hilarious interview by Terry Southern for The Paris Review. Edited by the novelist Matthew Yorke, Green’s grandson, Surviving also includes a biographical afterword by Green’s son, Sebastian Yorke, a brilliant portrait of a writer of true genius.

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April 21
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