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These U.S. Marines are always the first to fight when it comes to their country…or the women they love.

Former U.S. Marine Jack Walker never backs down from a fight. As a former trainer for MCMAP, he’s no stranger to the strength it takes to best even the fiercest of opponents. He met his match in the woman he’s loved since they were teenagers, Sofia Varano. He would have done anything for her, until she left him without an explanation.

When her mother dies and leaves her two younger brothers with nowhere else to go, Sofie has no choice but to return home to take care of them, even if it means facing the man she left behind. Jack wants answers, but for Sofie the truth is so much harder to share than the lie she’s lived with for ten years.

As old threats resurface, Sofie will have to trust Jack with the secrets that tore them apart if she wants a second chance at his heart.

April 26
Bolero Books, LLC
Bolero Books LLC

Customer Reviews

Lauraluvsbooks ,

Jack and Sofie's story is one that is unforgettable!

A story of love, heartbreak, fighting, surviving, and rebuilding! I absolutely loved it!!!
10 years ago, best friends Jack and Sofie fell in love. Even though he was going into the Marines and she was headed off to college, they were unable to deny their feelings. However, someone else destroyed it all in the blink of an eye.
Sofie has pretty much stayed away from her hometown in the past 10 years but when her mother passes away, she is the only one left who can care for her 2 younger brothers. Seeing Jack around all the time, it's hard to not think of what could of been. When old threats resurface, she turns to Jack with the secrets that tore them apart.
Jack has loved Sofie his whole life and has always wondered what happened. When she re-enters his life and confides in him the secrets of their past, he is determined to protect her family and her. Will they be able to have their second chance or will the threats of the past be too detrimental?

C2297 ,

This series just keeps getting better!!

When Sofie left town 10 years ago, she left her family and Jack with no explanation. She was running, hiding from something. But now she is faced with family responsibilities she cannot ignore. Will she come back and face her family and Jack? Will she be able to keep her secret? When her past collides with her present will Jack forgive her and care enough to save her from her demons? Or can too much time erase those deep seeded feelings?
Jack is the ultimate book boyfriend. He is tough and sexy with a body only an ex-marine who now owns a gym can have. But under his tough exterior lies a tender man who’s sense of loyalty runs deep. He will do anything for those he cares about. I mean, who wouldn’t want a man like that in their life?
Sofie has learned to take care of herself. She is smart and savvy, and works hart to make sure her vulnerable side stays well hidden. She has been hurt in the past and has decided that no one will hurt her that way again. She has built up walls to protect herself.
This book has all the emotions. I laughed, cried, was on the edge of my seat, felt frustrated and sighed more than a few times over Jack. The twists in this book were amazing. There were definitely things I did not see coming.
This is the second book in the First to Fight series, and each book just keeps getting better. Nicole Blanchard has created in this series men who are tough but tender, have a sense of loyalty and are not afraid to show when they care about someone. The women are tough as well. They can take care of themselves, but are so much better when they give their hearts to the men who love them.
I absolutely love this series and cannot wait for Savior, book 3 to come out to hear Logan’s story.
Another 5-star story from Nicole Blanchard.

Lori Payer ,

Great Romance!

This is the second book in this series and I loved it just as much as the first one. I'm definitely looking forward to reading the next book in the series.
Sophie and Jack were young when they fell in love, but all they could see was their love not the problems that come with a long distance romance.
Things traggically change one night and Sophie doesn't know what to do so she runs. She runs as far as she can and as fast as she can.
She knows that in order to survive she must get far away from her home town and never return even though it is soul crushing to leave her family and Jack.
Jack isn't surprised when Sophie returns after hearing about her mother's death, but he is surprised that she doesn't want to stay and care for her brothers in order to keep them out of foster care. What would make her leave town and keep her away from her family all of these years? What secrets is she keeping from them all?
They couldn't deny their feelings for another or that they still love each other, but what happened all of those years ago needs to come out and be dealt with in order for them to move ahead in their relationship.
I was given an ARC for an honest review. All conclusions are mine and mine alone.

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