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Case study: Credit Suisse’s strategies and policies for attracting and retaining talent as an employer of choice, fostering diversity and inclusion

As one of the world’s leading banks, Credit Suisse is committed to offering its clients best-in-class products and services. It can only achieve this target by constantly strengthening its position as an employer of choice, attracting and retaining the most talented professionals.

Qualified and motivated employees are a key success factor for Credit Suisse, as a global bank and financial services provider. In order to attract and retain talent as an employer of choice, fostering diversity and inclusion, Credit Suisse took action to:

• promote a culture of performance and development

• make employee opinions count

• invest in campus recruiting, working closely with leading universities around the world to source graduate talent

• provide equal opportunities for all employees regardless of ethnicity or nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, marital or family status or disability

• create an attractive working environment and

• attract talented professionals who have taken a career break

Using the GRI Standards in order to maintain and increase the value of your company

With each publication in this series the FBRH team will highlight one key impact identified by a company reporting in accordance with the GRI Standards and show how it has taken a structured, systematic approach to improving performance. With such positive action companies build trust, by dealing responsibly and conscientiously with their impact on the environment and on their stakeholders (e.g. clients, suppliers, shareholders, local communities, NGOs or local government). Stakeholders that can hold it back or stop it from reaching its objectives

By building trust your company creates loyalty and long-term commitment to its services and brands

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January 2
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