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Fill your holiday stocking with love and 9 sweet romance novellas, from USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly, and award-winning authors.

Sweet Christmas Kisses 5 brings you contemporary romances that celebrate the joy of the season around the world, including snowy Maine and the sun-kissed skies of Florida, the mountains of Colorado to small-town Illinois and Virginia, New York to San Francisco, and even the glittering lights of Paris and the old-world charm of Florence. The Sweet Christmas Kisses 5 bundle features all-new, standalone novellas that will make you smile and warm your heart with the Christmas spirit.

CHRISTMAS WITH THE POKER GROUP by Beate Boeker, USA Today bestselling author. After losing her beloved grandmother and getting dumped by her boyfriend, Sabrina is left feeling like Scrooge this Christmas. She makes a plan to survive the holidays in Florence, only to realize her grieving grandfather has a plan of his own. One that involves the crazy Mantoni family and the distractingly handsome man she’s determined to avoid. It’s beginning to look a lot like a tricky Christmas.

CHRISTMAS WITH THE CARMICHAELS by Christine Bush, USA Today bestselling author. Widow and retiree, Gabby, is ready for a rocking chair. At least according to her daughter. Except maybe she’s not. After getting stranded in a Maine snowstorm with a silver-haired fox, Gabby might find the courage to say “yes” to life once more, and find a Christmas love she never expected.

THE MISTLETOE BACHELOR AUCTION by Milou Koenings, USA Today bestselling author. When a supermodel with a string of bad news boyfriends “wins” a volunteer firefighter at a charity bachelor auction, Rose and Ryan might both discover they’ve found their perfect Christmas match. A fun and romantic holiday tale set in the fictional town of Green Pines, Illinois.

SWEET PEPPERMINT KISSES by Josie Riviera, USA Today bestselling author. Sometimes the best gifts are hiding right under your Christmas tree. His emotions were once trampled flat. Can he throw his heart over the fence toward the ultimate Christmas gift—a future filled with love? A holiday tale about the healing power of love, set in the charming fictional town of Turning Point, Virginia.

CHRISTMAS IN PARIS by Roxanne Rustand, USA Today bestselling author. Heather, a Kindergarten teacher, thought all her dreams were coming true—until she was jilted by her fiancé three months before their Christmas wedding. Since the honeymoon to Paris is already paid for, Heather decides to go solo and have a great time, no matter what. Love is not part of her travel plans, but when a handsome young doctor literally runs into her on the street, the magic of Christmas in Paris may cause a change of heart.

SECOND CHANCE CHRISTMAS by Kristin Wallace, USA Today bestselling author. Ten years ago, Mia Reynolds and Win Barrington spent one magical Christmas together. Until lies and manipulation at the hands of Win’s wealthy family tore them apart, and left Mia to raise a daughter on her own. Now, both have returned to their hometown of Palm Cove, Florida. Once they uncover the truth about what happened, can Mia and Win rediscover the love they once lost and celebrate a Second Chance Christmas with their daughter?

GHOSTS FROM CHRISTMAS PAST by Mary Alford, Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author. She was the love of life, until a tragic accident on Christmas Eve left Charlotte Swenson in a coma. For eight years, Sheriff Dylan Parker of Bitter Creek, Colorado has held on to the hope that somehow his love will find a way back to him. When Charlotte opens her eyes, just days before Christmas, Dylan can’t help but believe a holiday miracle may grant his every wish.

CHRISTMAS PIZZA TO THE RESCUE by Jean C. Gordon. When a freak winter storm strands them alone at the Team Macachek barracks in Central New York, champion motorcross racer, Royce Evans, and out-of-work investigative reporter turned pizza deliverer, Samantha Linder, strike a bargain that benefits them both. But when it appears Sam has broken the agreement, will the spirit of Christmas be strong enough to save their blossoming holiday love?

THE LOVE CLAUSE by Liwen. Y. Ho. He needs a fake girlfriend to advance his career. She needs a pretend date to keep her mom off her case during the holidays. The solution to both of their problems? A contractual relationship with one clause: neither of them can fall in love. A Christmas tale set in romantic San Francisco that will cause both of them to rethink the “no love” clause.

September 25
Camden Park Press
Charles Heintzelman

Customer Reviews

cathyszoo ,

Sweet endings!

I received this free ARC and this is my honest review. I fell in love with this book after the first three pages! It’s fun, quirky, Christmasey, romantic, and I loved it! It was nice to catch up with the other heiress too! I downloaded the book on Saturday morning and was finished by Saturday night. It was very hard to put it down and I was so disappointed when I came to to the end! I do hope there are more in the series! Buy it, in fact you would be foolish not to read all of her books!

Carol M Smith ,

Sweet Christmas Kisses 5

This is a set of 9 sweet romance heartwarming
Christmas novellas written by 9 separate authors
for your reading enjoyment.
Each story is different. Each story is set in various
locations: Maine, California, New York, San Francisco,
Florida, Paris & Florence. All demonstrate the magic of
the Christmas season.
The four ARC’s that I have read are:
Hiding from her public, Rose Silver. She and her sister,
Dani go to visit friends in Green Pines, Illinois. Rose has
volunteered to read to children at the library.
Her sister decides to bid on a bachelor for Rose to date.
This is a fund raiser for a literary program called “ The
Mistletoe Bachelor Auction. The man bid on for Rose’s
date is a volunteer fireman and electrician by trade.
His name is Ryan Gordon. He was entered into the
auction by a friend and was not too keen on being in
the auction.
Rose and Ryan although from two different worlds
they seem to click but will they last for more than the
Come take an open sleigh ride in the snow with the
couple. You will get swept up in the magic of the
smoothly written story with a great cast of characters.
Ghosts From Christmas Past by Mary Alford
This story takes place in Bitter Creek, Colorado.
Charlotte Swenson has been in a coma for eight years.
She was in a car accident on Christmas Eve with her
parents. Both her parents died in the accident.
Sheriff Dylan Parker who grew up with Charlotte has
faithfully visit Charlotte throughout those eight years.
Now a few days before Christmas, a miracle occurs.....
Charlotte awakens from her coma with no memory of
her past life. Dylan hopes she will eventually remember him.
Will the season of Christmas bring Charlotte’s memories
This story shows the power of love and devotion. The
writing flows smoothly throughout the whole story bringing
the magic of Christmas into the reader’s heart.
Sweet Peppermint Kisses by Josie Riviera
Chiara Johnson left a Kansas City to follow her boyfriend to
Turning Point, Virginia. When the relationship went sour,
Chiara decided to enroll in a nursing program plus do volunteer
work. Now she has graduated from her nursing program and
is working as a caregiver. She has one more job to work
before she returns to the Kansas City area.
Vance Thatcher and his sister, Gertrude live on a horse ranch.
Gertrude has an accident with a horse so Chiara has been
hire to care for her until she is able to care for herself.
When Chiara arrives at the ranch called Wellington Point,
she is taken back as there are no Christmas decorations.
It seems the Thatcher family never celebrated Christmas at all.
Chiara is about to change this. Along with caring for Gertrude,
she involves her in learning to make Christmas cookies then
Chiara starts to add Christmas decorations. Both brother and
sister enjoy the spirit Chiara bring with her regarding the
Vance starts to show Chiara around the neighborhood.
Chiara talks the family into using a pavilion on the ranch for
a Christmas party for the children involved at the shelter where
she volunteers. They are going to be making gingerbread
Both Vance and Chiara grow on each other. Both had been in
bad relationships so they need to overcome their past to move
into a better future. Being with each other seems to help them
grow but Chiara is due to fly home soon. What will
happen between them? Will the magic of the season bring
a happening ending between them?
Come meet Peppermint the horse who loves....peppermint
candies plus spend Christmas at the ranch.
A wonderful, well written story mixing disappointment, loss,
fear to love again with faith, determination, friendship and
love plus the magic of Christmas making an enjoyable read.
Christmas In Paris by Roxanne Rustand
Tour Paris with Holly Foster and Jack Gains. Descriptions of
Paris plus the attractions visited is deftly woven into the story
so the reader sees Paris through the eyes of the characters.
Holly Foster is a Kindergarten teacher who is using what was
supposed to be her honeymoon trip to Paris to visit on her
own. Her ex broke off their relationship after she had made
all the wedding and honeymoon plans. She decided to make
the trip on her own.
Jack Gains is a pediatric physician who attended a medical
conference with his sister. They made plans to visit Paris
together after the conference but she went home leaving
Jack to tour Paris alone.
As Holly leaves the hotel, she literally collided with Jack.
Falling flat on the sidewalk. Jack comes to her aide after
their collision.
You will hear about what they both are going through,
what they are thinking. their fears and concerns and how
they overcome them then end up touring Paris together.

The remaining books to read in this set of books are:

Get ready to be swept away in some heartwarming sweet
reads that will appeal to all. I have already pre-ordered the
set to read the rest of the series.

Marge_Roberts ,

Sweet and fun

I read THE MISTLETOE BACHELOR AUCTION by Milou Koenings. This is a cute whirlwind of a new romance that blossoms between Rose Silver and Ryan Gordon. Rose, a supermodel, goes to Green Pines, Illinois with her sister, Dani, to see their friend, Loren Bennett just before Christmas for a literary project. Away from it all, she hides from the publicity she has always stirred up wherever she goes. Ryan Gordon, volunteer firefighter, electrician, and carpenter, has never heard of her before. They get set up for a date through a bachelor auction. Two worlds apart, the two of them end up finding out that each of them have a lot more to offer than what appears on the surface. I really enjoyed this heartwarming, holiday novella and always look forward to this set of sweet romances by multiple authors. [I received an early copy of this novella from the author and my opinion is my own.]

More Books by Lyn Worthen, Beate Boeker, Christine Bush, Jean C. Gordon, Josie Riviera, Kristin Wallace, Liwen Y. Ho, Mary Alford, Milou Koenings & Roxanne Rustand