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Clematis attracts attention whether he wants it or not, and in response, he's turned himself into the ideal fairy, or, at least, what humans think is the ideal fairy. He works hard to embody every fairy stereotype. He can be a sulky prince or a submissive flirt, slutty and arrogant, or silly and soft. Everyone wants him, just not for long. Well, everyone except the fairy Clematis secretly adores. But Clematis has never expected a happily ever after.

Then another fairy curses Clematis to be seen as he really is, and Clematis is terrified. He knows the truth, that all there is to him is beauty and sex. That’s all that anyone has ever wanted from him. Even his happiness, what fairies call someone who shines more to them than anyone else ever could, does not want the mess that Clematis knows he is beneath the glitter.

Except now there is magic in the air, and everything Clematis has done to protect himself from the cruelty of the world no longer works. He’s been cursed, or so he thinks. But he forgot that a fairy’s power lies in truth, and that fairy curses are often blessings in disguise, and happiness might be within his grasp, after all.

Being(s) in Love:

Magical creatures known as beings emerged from hiding amid the destruction of the First World War. Since then they’ve lived on the margins of the human world as misunderstood objects of fear and desire. Some are beautiful, others fearsome and powerful. Yet for all their magic and strength, they are as vulnerable as anyone when it comes to matters of the heart.

Fiction & Literature
May 26
R. Cooper
Smashwords, Inc.

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