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A forbidden desire. A sleeping lover. And one incredibly erotic secret.

"Fans of Grey will love the sexual tension and hot erotic encounters of story 1 of the Jack and Cora series."

Smart, successful Cora has an impossibly hot boss, but her career survival instincts keep her from giving in to their strong mutual attraction. But when a business trip alone with him puts him in a very compromising position, she is forced to face her undeniable desire for him and choose between irresistible temptation and protecting her career. How far is she willing to go to explore her deepest fantasies?

WARNING, this is a 4000+ word short story that contains graphic language and sexual situations between a boss and employee including hot sleeping sex, sensual oral sex, and masturbation. MATURE AUDIENCES 18+ only!


The offer caught her off guard, and somehow made her incredibly hot despite its questionable legitimacy. She wasn’t sure how to react. He didn't really think she was going to sleep with her own boss, did he?
“I’m going to take a quick shower.” She responded awkwardly. She locked the door, afraid that she might not kick him out if he followed her into the bathroom.
Once in the steaming shower, Cora relaxed a bit, closed her eyes, and felt the water running down her body. Already aroused from her night with Jack and his provocative comment, she became highly aware of the tiny rivers running down her shoulders, over her nipples, and down her thighs. She ran her hands lightly over her body, delicately soaping her arms, shoulders, breasts and stomach. Her shower ran long as she imagined Jack under the steaming water with her, touching her, exploring her wet, soapy body from behind. Cora had to stifle her moans for fear that Jack would hear…
Feeling refreshed from the shower, Cora prepared to reenter the room. She wore loose, short shorts, and a lightweight, tight-fitting nightshirt. Her nipples rubbed against the soft, light fabric, reminding her of their need for attention. She emerged from the bathroom apprehensively. The room was pitch black, save for the light of the bathroom washing across the bed. Jack was in bed, wearing his boxers and nothing else.
He lay on his back, totally asleep.
She flicked off the bathroom light, felt her way to her side of the bed, and silently slipped under the sheet. It was a warm night, so there wasn’t need for anything more.
It was very late. Cora lay silently in the darkness, wishing for something more.
Was this really the way the night was going to end?
Her career survival instincts had long kept her from engaging in any relationships with coworkers. But Jack was the one she fantasized about time and again. And now here they were, sharing a bed in the pitch black of a Vegas hotel room- far away from corporate policy, the office environment, suspicious coworkers and any sense of connection to their regular lives.
If there was ever a time they would be together, this was it.
And yet here he was, out cold from the effects of his allergy medicine mixed with alcohol.
Could she wake him?
She slowly slid her hand under the sheet, reaching for his. In the darkness, the sweet anticipation of even holding hands made her hot. She already knew he wanted her tonight- he had made that clear long before they had even arrived in Vegas. But now that he was sleeping so deeply, any sign of his affection—even the sweetness of a squeeze of his hand under the covers—would be a thrill.
Cora continued to search for Jack's hand under the sheet. When she suddenly felt his warm skin against the back of her hand, her pulse quickened and she unexpectedly gasped. Cora froze, worried the sound of her breath might wake him.
Jack didn't stir.
Cora moved her hand to hold his, and in an instant realized it was not his hand at all. In her mind’s eye she suddenly could visualize her hand and his body clearly. Her fingertips were resting on his taut boxer briefs.
Oh my god!

Fiction & Literature
August 26
Erica Vaughn
Smashwords, Inc.

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