Sweet Dreams Box Set Part One

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This steamy romantic comedy box set contains the novels Some Call It Love, Some Call It Temptation and Some Call It Fate. It also includes two exclusive epilogues and the novella Kismet, only available in this box set.

Some Call It Love (Book #1)

A mistaken arrest, an unpaid debt, and a trip to Vegas.

Living in a small town where everyone knows your business isn't easy. But when your dad is the business everyone talks about, it's even harder.

When Willa becomes collateral to pay off her dad's debt to local playboy Jameson, she finds out things can always get worse.

Forced to work for Jameson, she soon realizes there is more to him than meets the eye. Behind the delectable wrapping and gruff demeanor is a good guy who's ready to help whenever Willa needs him. And the way he looks at her makes her think that the rumors are wrong. Because just maybe he doesn't hate her as much as she thought.

But has the former player really changed, or is he just warming up for his big game?

Some Call It Temptation (Book #2)

Some temptations are too hard to resist.

After fleeing her controlling family, Stella is ready to experience life to the fullest—starting with moving to a city that has more than one traffic light. Too bad she's broke and living on her friend's couch.

At least she has a job. If only temporary. Now she just has to keep her head down and save up enough to leave.

But the one thing she didn't count on was Mason.

Forced to move in with the man who stars in her every fantasy, Stella knows she can never give in to the temptation that is Mason.

Not only because he thinks of her as nothing but a spoiled brat, but because she needs her job. And he's her boss.

Kismet (Book #2.5)

When her fiancé cheats on her, Maisie decides to make some changes in her life. After dumping the man she thought she'd spend the rest of her life with, she's fixing everything that went wrong during the aftermath of her devastation.

But getting herself back on track isn't easy. And this time, she is determined not to let anything distract her. Not even successful, rich, and rock-your-socks-off handsome Oliver. Who also happens to be her roommate's brother and entirely off-limits.

Is Maisie repeating past mistakes and risking everything she is fighting so hard for, or could Oliver be her happily-ever-after?

Some Call It Fate (Book #3)

Our experiences shape us. Our mistakes teach us.

Maisie dreamed about meeting her knight in shining armor her whole life. But when she finally found him, he turned out to be a loser covered in tinsel instead.

Picking up the pieces, she throws herself into her dressmaking business, taking back charge of her life. When she meets handsome Oliver, she thinks she's found the cure for heartbreak.

But not only is his time in the small town coming to an end, he's also her roommate's brother. And no matter how much she promises herself they can keep things casual, she can't deny their connection that only seems to grow stronger the more time they spend together.

Is she setting herself up for heartbreak yet again, or will Oliver fight for her even though the odds are stacked against them?

Note from the author: In order not to get kicked out of the good (okay goodish.... fine, sometimes good) girls club, I'd like to point out that this is a steamy romcom and my characters use bad language (sometimes) and like to get it on. There's no cheating and all my books have a HEA.

June 22
Sarah Peis
Draft2Digital, LLC

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