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The Sweet Series continues with a new couple. A new story.

I had never asked for a break. It had been a small request for space, so I could think. Just some time to reflect and search myself. Loving Marty had never been the problem. It was the word marriage that haunted me. In the end, none of it mattered. Marty proved to be exactly what I feared. Unfaithful. And he’d fooled me, not once, but twice. There sure as hell wouldn’t be a third time.

Three long years and the sight of her still feels like electricity jolting me awake from a sleep I didn’t realize I was in. Even with plenty of time to mentally prepare for this, being near Fiona reminded me what I’d never managed to find in another woman. Even if she was crazy as hell. A mixture of hot, cold, funny, brutal all wrapped into a f*****g gorgeous package. When I left town, I was getting away from any memories of her. Protecting myself the only way I could. But my twin brother and her half-sister were tying the knot. Unlike us, Shay and Mack could claw each other’s eyes out one minute and be madly in love the next. Making it through this wedding weekend was all Mack asked of me. I could do it. I had to. Even if it took all the whiskey in Savannah, Georgia. Fiona wouldn’t break me. At least not again.

June 27
Abbi Glines
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

suznken ,


Was this book ever proofread. That was so disappointing. Way too many errors.

Bbell85 ,

Under-developed; Unrealized Potential

This story had real potential.

But there are so many undeveloped storylines and characters, a time-hop to a wedding we never see, grammatical errors...

The whole thing reads like the first half was written, and after a long delay, the second half was quickly scribed to make an Editor’s deadline.

Also, I found Marty - who initially seemed so chivalrous and careful about his treatment of women - to be pretty rude and almost antagonistic in his treatment of Rowan. A lot of name-calling (“b*tch”), which doesn’t sit well unless it’s used in a moment of anger, or said between women. It seemed like liberties were taken because the character was a lesbian, and seemingly treated like “one of there guys,” which a) is wrong and b) because of lack of character and story development, made me as a reader question if Marty ACTUALLY even cared for this person.

I was eager to read Abbi’s next book as I’m a longtime fan, but I was disappointed in the whole novel. There was so just many things that could have been explored:

- Fiona finding out about Chantel’s confessions
- The goodbye between Marty and Mary Grace
- Shay’s dad coming to the wedding and interacting with his family
- The actual wedding
- How does distance factor into the reconciliation?

112trock ,

It was an ok read

I’m the furthest thing from the grammar police but a good editor would really be useful. Liked the book over all I just felt like somethings could have been elaborated on. The plot was too rushed and that caused a lot of the story to be left out.

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