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Nariella has a hard life. Hated and beaten by her foster father, she finds solace in the one person who has always been there for her—Rydan, her overprotective best friend. His sheltering only gets worse once Nari collides—literally—with Mycah. A boy being chased by two kinds of evil; a boy who Nari is convinced is either the devil or an angel. But she was wrong. He's something completely different.

Then there's Naminé. A servant who lives in fear for her family, for herself, and for the dying kingdom she lives in. But there is hope, and she's the only one who can bring that hope home to save them all. Naminé will risk everything to make that happen, even if it means betraying her king.

People always want the truth until they have it. To be let in on secrets until they get burned by them. Nari is no different. But once she's kidnapped, tortured, and ultimately becomes intertwined in a secret world she never could've imagined existed, she knows there's no going back to blissful ignorance. And maybe she doesn't want to.

If darkness is the absence of light, what results from the absence of truth?

Nothing but Oblivion.

This is book one in a series-
Sweet Oblivion (Sweet Series #1)
Sweet Escape (Sweet Series #2)
Sweet Requiem (Sweet Series #3)
Sweet Redemption (Sweet Series #4)

December 30
Bailey Ardisone
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Sweetpea1083 ,

Need to Read!!!!!

This book is truly amazing. With the smooth and eloquent writing style, I felt every emotion that Nariella and Namine felt. The two stories that are entangled together is absolutely brilliant. It held my attention through the whole story. I read every single word and did not want to skip any of it. There were times when I literally held my breath it was so intense, and other times I cried along with Nari and Namine. I am being very honest, this is a book you WILL want to read. I am anxiously awaiting for the 2nd book, Sweet Escape. Congrats to the Authors...Bailey Ardisone.

Just doing this to get a hint ,

My new favorite series

This entire series is a must read. you will not regret it!!! The author has such a way with writing😍 Throughout the series I kept thinking about how could a person write something so perfectly? It was truly wonderful. So much to anyone thinking of downloading this book, three words. Do. It. Now. 😍


Could not put down

This book when started had me hooked. Even a little lost after a couple chapters I didn't care because you knew there was an amazing story and also that it would come together nicely. I love the imagination and also when there is tragedy there is love!!

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