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Tenley is done with men. She’s been used, abused, and discarded. Trust is a four-letter word to her, one to be avoided at all costs. She’s all for having fun with men who know the score. One night. Maybe two, but that’s her limit. So, what happens when she meets a hotshot pitcher who tells her one night will never be enough?

Rowan loves a challenge. He wouldn’t have made it to the big leagues if he wasn’t tenacious. But he’s never had to fight for a girl before. If anything, he’s used to fighting them off. But Tenley is different. She’s throwing up obstacles at every turn and he can’t figure out why. She’s falling for him, he can feel it, and their chemistry is off the charts. But with that be enough to chase her demons away?

July 28
Cheryl Douglas
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

eiggabook ,

Hard to get through

I had to force myself to get through this book. The characters are awful. Tenley is VERY childish and annoying. I’m not sure how this author gave her a lasting relationship when she clearly needs help. She also tried to make Tenley a strong female character, but I don’t think the author actually knows how to do that. Her strong attitude came off as immature and childish, never strong.I feel like all of these characters are immature which made this a difficult read. I can’t like any of the characters with how irresponsible and childish they are. If you can handle the immaturity then this book is for you. If not, don’t even was the click for the download.

paigelikeabook ,

It’s a no for me dawg

I can’t even finish this garbage book because of how frustrating the characters are.
Reasons this book sucked:

-Tenley accepts a date with another man while out with Rowan. He gets mad at her & she gets mad at him for his reaction. If it were reversed & he accepted a date with a woman he’d get so much hate. Tenley’s a hypocrite.
-they immediately call each other ‘Row’ & ‘Ten’ like they’ve known each other forever, it’s too unbelievable for me.
-Tenley is constantly acting like she’s so tough (and Rowan constantly praises her for it) but in actuality she’s being a prideful idiot. She’s in danger & gets mad at her family for caring 😒
- Tenley says REPEATEDLY that she doesn’t play games but she jerks Rowan around & goes back & forth between wanting nothing to do with him & being half in love 🤮
-the lack of chemistry certainly doesn’t help anything. There’s some surface details but not really any meat to the story.
-Tenley is not like able. She’s trying so hard to be tough, she comes off abrasive & fake.
-Tenley is a crap friend. Her dangerous ex is on the loose but she doesn’t want to tell her roommate even though she’d be in potential danger. (She eventually gets a conscience & tells her but she already lost me by being so awful)

I dnf’d at 70% because I couldn’t take it anymore. Don’t recommend clearly 💩

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