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The second I got back to her, everything went to Hell.

Flash floods. Thunder. Lightning.

As a Navy SEAL, I know how to handle myself when the world turns to chaos.

But now it’s different. Instead of being separated by an ocean, Crystal is right by my side. Needing me to keep her safe.

It’s been four years since I saw her, and before we could even celebrate our reunion, the tropical storm was upgraded to a hurricane.

And that was nothing compared to the earth shattering bombshell that Crystal dropped on me.

We have a daughter.

I’m a dad.

Come hell or high water, I will stop at nothing to protect my girls.

This novel is a full length romance novel. It is a standalone with no cliffhangers. Explicit language. Safe from cheating.

October 12
Pathforgers Publishing
Pathforgers Publishing

Customer Reviews

1EroticLady ,

A Navy Seal’s Fight To Save His Love!

I received this heart pounding, second chance romance as an ARC. I love Alexis Abbott’s books and this one does not disappoint. Hold on to your seats! This one is one heck of a ride. I held my breath almost through the whole exciting and dangerous adventure. Duncan May be a well trained Navy Seal, but trying to save Crystal and little Dakota May be the last thing he does. How do you survive a hurricane and tornado on an Island? I could feel the deep love and determination to save his little family coming off the pages. It is one of Alexis’ best and most exciting love stories. So I’m gladly volunteering to give this review.

LynnMandy ,

Not your typical secret baby romance!

I know you see secret baby romance and think it’s the same old storyline. Well Alexis Abbott keeps the story action packed! This would make an amazing action / romance movie!
This about two High School sweethearts Crystal and Duncan. Duncan had a dream of becoming a Seal and saving the world. Crystal loving him the way she does, never reveals being pregnant to Duncan so he can go out and fulfill his dream. Four years later he comes home to see Crystal. I’d love to say more but I recommend you read it for yourself!
This book has multiple view points, so you get a good idea what’s going through Crystal and Duncan’s minds.
I willingly received this book for an honest review.

Rinsky13 ,

Action packed!

This was definitely filled with a lot of excitement and stress, which we’ve all learned a lot about one way or another in regards to hurricanes. The destruction, the fear, the not knowing. And in other outside factors and it was an adrenaline filled read (not to mention new ideas on what to do during a hurricane lol). Was definitely an action packed read that keeps you turning the pages

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