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Willow has had a hard time trusting people, especially men, ever since her reckless father abandoned her at a young age for the romantic facade of life on the open road. After finally graduating from college, she’s now enjoying her new job and carefree life on the beach. When an injured stranger shows up on her doorstep looking for her deceased dad, she is instantly thrust back into the dark past she’s been trying to escape her whole life.

Cocky Caleb has never really had it easy, but lately, things have taken an extreme turn for the worse. Seriously injured and on the run from outlaw bikers hell bent on controlling him, he seeks shelter with the only person who could possibly save him once and for all… if he can keep his smart-ass mouth shut.

January 19
Grayton Press
Idealist LLC

Customer Reviews

Nadine Bookaholic ,

Love the cover of this book

Caleb is on the run from his past that has finally caught up to him and the only person that can help him is Billy Blake only one problem with that....Billy died years ago and Caleb doesn't know.

Willow is Wendy's younger sister. The sister that Wendy raised after Willow's mom went to jail and their father was always on the road with the outlaw bikers that he ran with. Willow always loved her father and always believed the best of him even when Wendy tried to tell her otherwise, Willow never let her love for her father falter. After he passed away years earlier she still held him in her heart and felt more for him then she did for her mother, whom was now out of jail.

Caleb in his quest to find Billy turns to Willow for help. Little did he know that just changed the direction of where he was going. How could he think after seeing the sweet, sweet Willa that he would be able to leave her and not be affected. Why is it that men think they know what's best for the woman, is it some extreme alpha male testosterone floating thru their veins? Well if it is Caleb is overflowing with it. Caleb and Willow have great chemistry and work well together even with all of the obstacles that are thrown at them.

I loved that we get to see the gang from the Grayton Series, Cassandra and Luke from Last Resort, Marcus and Shelly from Someday Beach, Cole and Wendy from Rip Current (who are getting married), and Roman and Missy from In Too Deep.

**I received an ARC from the author in exchange for my honest review**

JuliaAD ,

He doesn't want to bring trouble to her door.

Willow knows how her sister feels about their dad and then a friend of their father's turns up on her door step. He is hurt and needs help. She is so jealous of Caleb because he got to spend more time with her father than she did. Caleb never had a normal life. Billy was the closest thing he had to any family, but now Billy is gone and he needs help from Billy's daughter. He really doesn't want to bring trouble to her door, but he has no where else to turn. Will he be able to keep his hands off of her and not put her and her sister's lives in danger?

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