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Through the authors' carefully constructed explanations and examples, you will develop an understanding of Swift grammar and the elements of effective Swift style. Updated for Swift 3.0, the book is also compatible with Swift 2.1. You will also learn how to navigate Xcode 8 and get the most out of Apple's documentation. Throughout the book, the authors share their insights into Swift to ensure that you understand the hows and whys of Swift and can put that understanding to use in different contexts. After working through this book, you will have the knowledge and confidence to develop your own solutions to a wide range of programming challenges using Swift.

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November 25
Pearson Education
Pearson Education Inc.

Customer Reviews

sanguish ,

Big Ner Ranch does it again

It should be no surprise that a book beating the Big Nerd Ranch and is an excellent teaching tool. They been experts in mac and is x programming for more than a decade.

This was my choice over all other Swift books, including Apple documentation.

Great job!

)nobrackets( ,

Incorrect Publishing Year (released 2016, not 2015)

Hey guys, I am going to give this a 5-star rating, even though I have not been able to download this book to my iPhone 6s Plus from the iBooks store after purchasing it. This book (I assume) was supposed to be released November 25, 2016. However, on Thanksgiving day, November 24th, 2016, this book was already available for purchase, probably because it was given the incorrect publishing date of November 25, 2015 (16 days before the 1st edition was published), it was available for download a day early. I still am not able to download this book to my iPhone (although I am able to do so for my MacBook Air. Please correct the publishing year for the 2nd edition and notify me when the book is downloadable to my iOS device so that these 5 stars are justified. Thanks.

I have now changed my review to 1 star, as the publishing date has yet to be updated and I am still unable to download the iOS version of this book directly from iBooks on mf iPhone.

UPDATE: The publishing date has been corrected, but I still cannot download this book from the iBooks store on my iPhone 6S Plus.

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