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This is the first novel in the Swim Coach series. Book # 2 is Swim Coach Diving in Deep.
Shane comes of age before his senior year. He tells his story of self-discovery, self-disdain, and self-destruction. Fortunately, his childhood friend, Mikey, sees Shane going down. He reinstates the friendship Shane had cast aside. Together, they face many obstacles and uncover one of the main curses of their hometown.
This book begins after two devastating family tragedies leave Shane lost, searching for meaning, and pondering ways of escape from a cruel, lonely life. As friends and relatives step forward to help him, he realizes that not everybody has his best interests in mind. He must sort through advice and mandates to find his own way. A way that will work for him, lest he give up on life altogether.
Here is an entertaining tale of a practical character in foreboding circumstances with a touch of the ethereal. Shane's simple interest in local myths and legends begin beckoning him to become a key player as past and present collide.
Shane tells his story in the vernacular he knows, tainted by incomplete sentences, local terminology, occasional expletives, and a dislike for the pronoun, I.
This book does not contain verbatim depictions of explicit sexual acts. Dusty Kohl attempts to paint such scenes with metaphor, vagueness, emotion, and dialogue to allow each reader his/her own interpretation and choice of comprehension.
This book contains some adult same-sex situations, suggestive language, and references to violence.

Fiction & Literature
November 1
Dusty Kohl
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